Posted November 21st, 2010 by Bill Apter

Cena was fairly “invisible” through much of the match — it’s not centering on him — Barrett had Orton near pinned but Orton put his foot on the rope and was chewed out by Barrett. Barrett pushed Cena, Cena hit him back — RKO by Orton and a pin! It’s over! Nexus hits the ring attacks Cena and Orton who clear the ring! Orton seems upset by the verdict. Cena hands him the belt, they embrace.

Unusual moment Cena went over and hugged Michael Cole … hummm …

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  1. By FEDUP, posted

    SO is Michael Cole The Phony GM?

  2. By Justin, posted

    I have to admit, that was the MOST boring match in the history of boring matches. Expected something more to happen!

  3. By jeff, posted

    god, SOMEONE help the poor WWE, they need to
    go on wheel of fortune and buy a vowel or do SOMETHING to get a clue, that ending made
    NO sense and why have Cena hug Michael cole
    of all people????

  4. By Postal Tee, posted

    Very weird ending. I for one thought the entire match was weird. Not bad just weird. Now is Cena really gone? I would’ve said no. But embracing Michael Cole and walking threw the stands made it believe able.

  5. By Kevin, posted

    That was such a waste.all the weeks leading up to the match and thats the ending we get?so is cena done or will there be another twist?

  6. By D-Train, posted

    This is my last PPV. I’m tired of paying $45 for a show that’s worse than Raw

  7. By Mike, posted

    Cena = Mystery GM?

  8. By madder, posted

    I Liked it And it makes you all wonder why? Much better than watching TNA Old wrestling!!

  9. By Justin, posted

    Knowing WWE, Cena is probably the phony GM.

  10. By BH, posted

    All I know is, WWE made the stupidest mistake in allowing John Cena to be fired. Now Raw will boring as hell without him. They need to bring John back immediately.

  11. By Mike, posted

    It’s a story-line.
    They’ll be using him for something (unknown as yet).
    Or he’s taking time away to work on a film. Then they’ll bring him back in some role (unknown as yet).
    He still shows on WWE’s Superstar page.
    Chill out.

  12. By Mike, posted

    It really looks like they’re trying to boost Orton, as a face.
    They just may (as others have speculated) bring Cena back and turn him heel.
    Stranger things have happened.

  13. By Mike, posted

    And besides, if Cena is “fired”, who says he can’t be “re-hired”.

  14. By JT, posted

    CENA is going to MMA

  15. By sean, posted

    I figure Cena will be back… As the new head of Nexus..

  16. By Justin, posted

    I have a story line that would have made a heck of a lot more sense than the crap that they put out there last night.

    Cena costs Orton the title, Barrett winning the belt in whatever way they wanted. Barrett had been talking crap about the Nexus having his back, but when Cena starts beating the holy hell out of Barrett, Otunga keeps the Nexus from coming out. Cena beats on Barrett until Orton RKO’s Cena and then punts him in the head and leaves. Then, here comes Miz, cashes in Money in the Bank and becomes the NEW WWE Champion!!!

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