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What did you think of Survivor Series?

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  1. By llavonw, posted

    what a great ppv from wwe in a long time. I know alot of john cena fans will say the ppv suck cause he got fired but honestly im a tna fan and this ppv was alot better than turning point from tna.The only match i didn’t watch was the womens match but the only mens match i wish would have been shorter would be the morrison shemus match. Dont take cena being fired seriously though he beb back my wm i guarentee that its going to start unraveling it self eneding with him getting his job back thanks to the gm. over all very impressed not worth 45 dollars but def worth 30 like tna. make me take wwe ppvs at least worth viewing after 2 matches i was like okay im watching a classic wwe ppv.raw n sd i woul continue to read online cause they sucked but the wwwe ppv i would look forward to watching cant wait til tlc.

  2. By David T, posted

    Saw the show live in Miami. Only great match was the Traditional Survivor Series match. Excellent performances and the crowd was into it big time. The opening match between Bryan and Dibiase was pretty good with the crowd popping big time for Bryan. The rest of the card was fairly lackluster. The WWE built this pay per view as well as a lot of its programming in the past few months around the Nexus. While some of its members are talented and have promise, these guys are still just rookies without much ring presence and no credentials. Too much – too soon.

  3. By JJTj, posted

    ALL the build up and THAT was the best they
    could do? It’s like WWE Lite. Are they
    cutting corners to save money? I’ve seen
    up close (in CT and at shows) the machine
    that IS the WWE, and it looks like people
    are just going thru the motions. Yet, the
    fans are not all that upset. Sure, they go
    to the shows to have fun, but how many then
    go home saying “..that sucked..” ?????

  4. By dgs2004, posted

    It was mentioned by Cole that if any member of Nexus interfered in the match Nexus would be disbanded. Cena is/was a member of Nexus and inrterfered in the match. That’s his way out of being fired. So obvious and still SO stupid.

  5. By llavonw, posted

    you got to admit that this show was good the last good ppv from WWE was MITB PPV.
    Yes it wassn’t an OMG PPV like back in the hey day but it was one of those ppvs that says they really tried tonight. I’M a huge TNA fan and this ppv was bettar than Turning Point PPV. I didn’t watch the womens match because they are to painful to watch in WWE unless Gail Kim is in it cause she just carries her opponent so her matches are not that bad.The only match I was wishing could have been shorter was the Morrison vs Shemus match. I give the ppv an 8 out of 10.

  6. By WWE is all but a memory, posted

    You know llavonw you post just like another poster. The show was horrible like most of WWE programming and only the 12 year old Cena lovers like this crap.

    Also you seem to bring TNA into every comment that has anything to do with WWE programming.

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