Posted November 17th, 2010 by Bill Apter

I just finished watching the A&E special program “Finding Hulk Hogan.” I found the show well done in both content to the excellent videography.

It was a nice touch not to have all the positive Hogan crew (Jimmy Hart, Nasty Boys, Bubba, Brutus, and more) who usually accompany any Hogan “Reality” program.

If you saw the show let me know what you thought as well!

Thanks–Bill Apter

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  1. By Ryan Stone, posted

    I just watched it also and i also believe it was well done,Hulk Hogan is the real life breathing “The Wrestler”!!!

  2. By harold, posted

    i found the show pretty good i like it

  3. By darkecountywildfire, posted

    the difrence is “the wrestler” recreated his greatest match…..Hogan dosent have one

  4. By mark, posted


  5. By the 86er, posted

    Good show, though I would love to see an A&E bio on The Undertaker. The WWE did a special magazine on Taker years ago detailing some of his personal life, but a more complete and updated bio would be great to see

  6. By Nick, posted

    I would hardly say Hogan is the real life version of “The Wrestler”. Hogan still has Millions of dollars…and even after he settles this lawsuit, he will still have money. Hogan also still has a name that is worth money. He could easily go back to WWE later in his career and make a lot of money helping to sell and promote WWE/Hogan product.

  7. By Scott, posted

    I saw it,and it was awesome!
    If only we didn’t age,I would to see Hogan wrestle forever!

  8. By Faron Square (WWE wannabe manager), posted

    Obviously Hogan is done as far as getting in the ring for battle. But the younger guys should observe what he’s done as a ring general and take a look at how he sucked up those very serious injuries and HAD to get back in the ring regardless of Doctors orders. Like him or not wrestling is embedded deep deep in his blood. I personally have more respect for him after seeing this documentary.

    Faron Square
    WWE wannabe

  9. By PAUL, posted

    At first I was worried this show was going to be a Hulk Hogan/TNA infomercial…but i must say it was done in very good taste…..def showed that the immortal hulk hogan is only human and has to deal with the same crap that ‘Us” ordinary folks do

  10. By chris, posted

    hogans a power hungry person just like bischeoff they killed wcw now thell kill tna but that happens i guess

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