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What did you think of RAW? (Nov 15)

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  1. By Jimmy, posted

    Disappointing, my original thoughts were that Raw was going to be an entire show dedicated to showing matches from the past not this garbage! Vince you messed up again!!!!!!

  2. By Max, posted

    It was nice to see the old WWF banners on display. The WWE did a pretty decent job re-creating the original monday night raw set too. All of the old school tv graphics were a nice touch. However,the show would’ve been better without the GM computer angle;it was supposed to be an old school raw show.

  3. By Tim, posted

    another ho-hum showing from the WWE creative team. The only bright and funny spot that brought tears to my eyes with laughter was may young demanding”A no DQ match with those 2 bitches” and then saying she wasn’t afraid of those 2 sluts. This was more like ancient school for the 87 year old but with out a doubt the funniest moment of the year by far. the other 2 hours and 53 minutes stunk.

  4. By Ron, posted

    I find it very hard to give the show anything but a thumbs up. Don’t get it wrong, this is because of the Old School wrestlers NOT the “newer” cast of wrestlers. When you watched this show you will see what star power is, and how it is lacking with the new crowd. The power of the old school wrestlers personalities raised the entire show. I doubt you will see Nexass 25 years from now. It would have been great to see Bobby Heenan. I hope they do this more often as there are others who can/should be remembered while it is still possible. The WWWF/WWF/WWE has made a lot of money off these people and it is a good way to give back.

  5. By Matt, posted

    All good except the stupid laptop GM and Michael frickin’ Cole! Shoulda been good ol’ JR the entire show. Cole ruined a decent amount of the show, without him this easily woulda been 100% thumbs up instead of a 9?% thumbs up. They shoulda let Slick do some talkin’. It was nice to see Tito again, it’s been a while. I loved all the old school stuff. It’s too bad hardly any of these guys can wrestle anymore, coulda really added more to the show. I was hoping they’d have Kozlov show up while Volkov was out there, nice touch. Tamina coming out with her dad. I could go on and on. They need more shows like this, but let some of these guys have more camera/mic time.

  6. By David Oliver, posted

    Finally a refreshing Monday Night Raw from the WWE. A Big Thumbs Up! A lot Better than we have seen in the past several months. WWE should bring back some of the Old Timers more often and show them the respect they are due. Some of the old timers are still at an age that they could contribute as writers for Raw and Smackdown (Would be better than the current batch of writers). Some should be activated as wrestling managers, something that the WWE had decided to do away with many years ago. WWE, please bring additional WWF stars of the past back more often.

  7. By BH, posted

    I kinda enjoyed the show. I wish they more Raw’s like this one. I’ve been a wwf/wwe fan for 35 years now. And the only thing I thought that spoiled it was that stupid laptop. My favorite moment was seeing Good ‘Ol JR back on tv. Vince should take the hint by the reaction of the crowd and bring back JR premantley, and send Cole back to Smackdown.

  8. By Travis Weberling, posted

    I gave Raw a thumbs in the middle.it was an ok show,I just think that they couldve done more interaction with the older talent & the current stars & also I think it’s time to end the GM storyline,nobody cares about it,just have Michael Cole admit he’s the GM & be done with it.As far as the ppv sunday goes,I think they’ll probably turn John heel,unless they do something where he gets sent to Smackdown or something like that.Anybody who thinks that he’ll get “fired” is an idiot,he’s to the company now what Hulk Hogan was in the 80′s.he’s the face of their company.

  9. By jeff, posted

    I enjoyed the old time show, it brought back memories of the good old days, but there was one part of the show that was painful to watch and that was JR calling that match, the few minutes he was on air made it PAINFULLY clear just how AWFUL Michael cole is and how bad an idea it was to replace Jr
    in the first place. I don’t know if it was
    Ross asking for time off or what, but raw NEEDS Jim ross back beside the king calling matches. Raw is SUPPOSE to be the flagship
    and the crown jewel of the WWE, it’s like the star trek world, Monday night Raw is like the enterprise and relacing Jim ross
    with michael cole is like replacing captain kirk with captain kangaroo. Down thru the history of pro wrestling there have been men
    behind the mike calling the action at ringside who made you feel that every match was a epic battle, they were artists with words, painting the picture of what was happening in the ring so vividly you could
    ALMOST close your eyes and just listen to the way they called the match and be able to
    get an image of what was happening. When Gordon solie described someone being busted open as “wearing the crimson mask” you could
    see that in your mind. People like Flair,Hogan, Race, piper, and rhodes were masters INSIDE the ring while men like Gordon
    Solie,Lance Russell, AND Jim Ross were (and
    in Jr’s case, STILL are) masters OUTSIDE the ring. In time Michael Cole MIGHT become a
    GREAT announcer like the people I’ve mentioned but it will take time, he needs to be moved back to smackdown and let work on his craft some more, right now he’s not qualified to be in that chair .

  10. By Mikey, posted

    I was hoping to see “Sit Down For MA” but I was stuck with the same old shit, “Stand Up For PG”. Once again nothing good like Trish or Nailz. The election’s over, Linda lost. How about getting back to reality? The fans who are spending money are not five years old and we want to see something worth watching, “Sit Down For MA”. If you’re going to fire somebody, fire Santino and the war correspondent, Micheal Cole. And of course, the mystery General Manager, Freddie Prinze Jr. needs to go.

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