Posted November 14th, 2010 by 1Wrestling News Team

Keeping busy and on the road! This past weekend I spent some time rolling around on the mats in Virginia and West Virginia. As of Tuesday night, up in Grand Rapids, Michigan… making some more wrestling mats sweaty. The Beast is leaving his tracks all over the Midwest!

Still looking for some sponsors for my KOTC event on Nov. 21st in Edmonton, Alberta,Canada… If you are interested, let me know! Contact my office at 517-278-4908 (Leave a quick message) and or, email dan@dansevern.com.

I am also very motivated to keep moving and by mentioning this… I mean… I want something to do :) … I am open on the weekend of Nov. 26th, 27th and 28th. I will be over in the Southern California, Arizona area, and if you have an event going on, or would like to host an MMA Seminar on this weekend… let me know. I realize it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, but what better way to work off all that turkey… than to roll around with THE BEAST! If you have any interest, let me know… contact number and email is above.

Also, THE DANGER ZONE returns to the “Revolution Arena” next Spring to begin our Championship Series. We are looking for amateur fighters of all weight classes to go ahead and start contacting us to compete in a set of four 8 man tournaments. These 8 man tournaments will take place over a series of events starting on April 30th 2011 (quarter finals), going to June 25th 2011 (Sem-Finals) and then finishing them off on August 20th (Finals) to crown 4 Danger Zone Champions in different weight bracketts. For more details on this, contact us in my office at dan@dansevern.com or call 517-278-4908.

At www.dansevern.com, my webguy has put up some signed posters for only $2.49. I believe there are only around 15 of them, so if you’d like one, get it quick. Photo to the right!

All the best, from The Beast…
Dan Severn

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