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What did you think of iMPACT!? (November 11)

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  1. By Tomcat, posted

    I remember when TNA was the WRESTLING alternative! How sad to see what it’s become with this convoluted storyline rehashed from the 90′s. I’ll NEVER spend any more time watching Bishoff smirk for a half hour while kissing Hogan’s ass. It got old then and it’s old now. I’ll never waste ant more time or money on TNA again!

  2. By Jimmy, posted

    Snore! Boring! I am starting to get real tired of WCW Thunder! Oops I mean TNA Impact….

  3. By dorian, posted

    I disliked the disrespect shown to the belt when Hogan and Bischoff trashed the TNA World Heavyweight Title and replaced it with a new design belt. I know they did that to generate “heel heat” just like when the NWO spraypainted the WCW World Heavyweight belt.
    Still, even though i know they did it as part of the storyline, it still hurts as a fan.

    Not only does it feel “wrong” on a gut level, but unfortunately the new TNA belt design is also ridiculous and gimmicky. The Dixie belt was a classic timeless design,but the new one looks like a cheap plastic toy. A belt that has the design of Jeff Hardy’s face paint? Really?? At least Stone Cold’s Skull Belt which was also a gimmick was made to look fierce and intimidating. But a belt made to look like someone’s facepaint design?? huh?? And that blue and purple color scheme on the belt is horrendous.

    The only thing i can compare this to is when the WWE did away with their classic belt and replaced it with the equally gimmicky toy “Spinner Belt.”

    A wrestling organization must first and foremost respect its own legacy and history. TNA started with a strong nod towards wrestling tradition when it licensed the use of the NWA Heavyweight title in its early years. When the NWA and TNA parted ways, and TNA finally unveiled its own belt and showed such a traditional design to the fans, the message it sent was that TNA had aspirations to work hard to become a timeless organization. It definitely sends the wrong message when you trash your own belt that so many have worked so hard to win over these past few years. It sends a message that the belt is just a prop that should not really be valued,it undermines the legitimacy TNA has been trying to build as an organization. I fear that TNA may be headed down a wrong path and the management doesnt even realize it….

    This better be one one heck of storyline, that’s all Im saying, because so far it seems that the price being paid is a steep one…

  4. By Chris, posted

    I disagree, I think what TNA is doing is creating important moments and this is just another one of them.

    Hogan has elevated TNA to a whole new way, and continues to draw in the best of the best when it comes to the roster.

    Before 2010, TNA was strong but its fanbase was extremely small – and unlike in wCw, TNA doesn’t have the massive burden of being run by a corporation that doesn’t respect wrestling

  5. By BigDaddy, posted

    The problem that TNA will have is that just like WCW, they forgot the ying and yang of it all.
    You can’t continue to have the “bad guys” or heels get the better of the “good guys” or faces week in and week out.
    If your faces keep getting destroyed, week in and week out, the fan base will lose interest and there goes your buyrates and your ad dollars.
    The thing that the McMahons realize is that you have to give the people what they want, and to not allow your ego dictate your storylines. They tried that, and it was a miserable outcome.
    Having a champion come out to tell the fans he doesn’t care for anybody in attendance doesn’t put “asses in the seats” nor does it sell merchandise.
    Jeff Hardy needs an opposing force, and Fortune needs someone to get the upper hand on them every now and again or you run the risk of doing what the NWO did to WCW, which was to ruin it…

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