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Gordon Solie, the “Dean” of professional wrestling announcers, aided countless grapplers whose careers began under the auspice of Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF).
Mike Davis, upon his emergence into professional wrestling in 1977, is an example of a mat-man who benefited from Solie’s world class commentary.
As a partner with Tommy Lane in a popular team called RockNRoll RPMs, Davis became a regular on CWF before eventually capturing the coveted Florida tag title with Mike Rotundo in 1984.
After the partnership with Rotundo came to an end, Davis fell under the spell of Kevin Sullivan and his “Army of Darkness.”
In an effort to ridicule Dusty Rhodes, “The American Dream,” Sullivan began to refer to Mike Davis as “The Dream.”
In ensuing performances, Davis taunted Rhodes at every opportunity by imitating Rhodes’ speech, mannerisms and appearance.
 Mike Davis is pictured as “The Dream” while under the evil tutelage of Kevin Sullivan.
More information about Gordon Solie is available at http://www.soliesports.com/

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