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  1. By Rob79, posted

    What a waste of a PPV.

  2. By dorian, posted

    It was an unusual pay per view–one where the heels won every single match (except for Team 3D vs Motor City in which both teams can be considered faces).

    There was a lot of wrestling which is good, but it didn’t feel like a pay per view because as far as the plotlines went, nothing major happened. There were no significant vignettes. At a pay per view three things can happen as far as storylines go–either existing plotlines are furthered so a feud can advance to the next ppv, existing plotlines are concluded, or major new plotlines and twists are introduced. None of those things really happened at this pay per view, making the ppv feel “incomplete.”

    I guess it could be said that Robbie E winning the X Division title could be considered a new development–but it came off feeling minor. TNA is not really pushing the X Division right now and the title match was the very first match of the pay per view. It felt very small in importance because it didnt have enough of a build up.

    Micki James and Tara brawling is not exactly a way to further their feud–there’s really nothing special per se about brawling.

    Jarret and Samoa Joe, Hardy and Morgan, 4tune and EV 2.0–there had to be more to these matches than simply someone winning or losing a match. Sabu losing his job at the end of the 4tune vs EV 2 match didnt feel like an important plot development because it wasnt really sold as one. The feeling that it gave was not epic. The only feeling i got from that was a friendly “sorry to see you go buddy, good luck to you” type of vibe.

    Jarrett and Hardy won their matches but there was not anything more to these results other than maintaining the status quo–the results didn’t really further the Immortal storyline in any significant way. It felt like they each had a match just for the sake of having one.

    Dreamer and RVD patching up their differences after their match was ok–but to be honest it felt almost like a pasted on ending.

    The one important moment in the ppv was Team 3D retiring–that was a 100 percent heartfelt moment and it was a match that stole the show. It was way better than the main event.

    In conclusion–it was a ppv that had some good in-the-ring action but did not have the epic feel that a ppv should have. I think that TNA needs to step out of the WWE way of thinking of requiring one ppv a month, and perhaps go to having a ppv every 2 months in order to properly build up their matches and the importance of their ppv’s.

    I’ve seen TNA pull off better pay per views than this one so I know they have the ability. Here’s hoping that the next one will knock my socks off.

  3. By dorian, posted

    one thing–i forgot to add the Pope Vs Abyss match. This was the one match int he entire ppv that had any type of development happen and unfortunately it resulted in a run-in. The idea of Pope’s posse betraying him (including Pope’s brother) for the money offered by Bischoff was cool–but why did they have to ruin the in the ring action with a run-in to do it? They could have turned on him and beat him up at the end of the match just as well. It is clear they wanted to create drama with this scenario but it came off feeling a little cheap.

    Again– TNA is completely capable of putting on great stuff–i have seen them do it before and have enjoyed it immensely when they score home runs. I dont know if they didnt have enough time or what–but the Turning Point ppv felt a little rushed. Here’s to hoping that they next ppv will be a great one!!

  4. By Stuart, posted

    A pay per view without Jay Shannon’s analysis feels really incomplete

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