Posted November 8th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of RAW? (Nov 8)

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  1. By Travis Weberling, posted

    I really don’t understand why Vince thinks Raw needs to be like Sat Night Live.He needs to develop talent as good athletes in the ring not as comedy acts.There’s no reason why Shameus or ted Dibiase jr should be booked in the same way as Santino.How anybody can think that santino is funny is beyond me.By the way,is it just me or does Michael Cole just plain sucks as a broadcaster?

  2. By Jimmy, posted

    The Best Raw over the past few years will be next Monday when the wwe goes old school, and back to the old WWF days. I am looking forward to that show it will bring back good memories.

  3. By Travis Weberling, posted

    I agree with you Jimmy,next week’s raw show should be good.I only hope that the current talent can learn from the older stars that will be there next week.

  4. By Jimmy, posted

    Travis, it is not the talent that needs to learn from the past, it is the writers and Vince that forgot what was put on as wrestling in the past. The Talent today are only doing what the script is telling them what to do. That also goes for TNA’s Talent as well.

  5. By Archangel, posted

    Next week’s show is going to be disappointing just like that last so called big event 900th show for Raw.

  6. By the86er, posted

    Agreed. Looking forward to the old school Raw. Hope that Undertaker will be there considering he is one of maybe two guys still on roster who actually wrestled these guys and was a part of “old school” Raw. Love how they even used the classic USA Network logo!

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