Posted November 5th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

This angle is horrible. I thought angles were meant to somehow create stars and generate money? The mystery GM is not doing that at all. When the lights flicker the fans boo like a Pavlovian dog. Not good heat but I cannot stand this angle heat. The only one that seems to be benefitting from this angle is Michael Cole and who the hell cares about an announcer getting over? How is Cole going to draw any money for WWE? How is Cole going to draw ratings for WWE? Yes I know that this angle is also helping Nexus get over some, but the whole premise of the angle is convoluted at best. WWE tried a heel announcer with JR before and it did not work at all. Play by play guys that are heels make zero sense and will draw zero dollars, plain and simple. Also the whole concept of the anonymous GM makes very little sense to me. I do not want to complain every column about WWE creative, but lately I cannot find enough to like on Raw from week to week, Smackdown to me is the superior show by far. I still watch every show and always will and try and enjoy all I can but some storylines makes me cringe.

I know Vince hired the GM but think about this angle in the real world. The head of the company hires your new boss but does not tell you who that new boss is. Huh? Why would anyone listen to a faceless boss? How could that boss be taken seriously? How do the employees know that the demands are truly coming from said boss? Like I said far too convoluted for my liking. So if Cena does not listen to the GM and meet every demand that Barrett sets forth then Cena will be fired. Ok so why does Cena listen? Why not disobey the command and just walk over to Smackdown GM Teddy Long and get hired immediately for Smackdown? Did Vince himself say Cena would be released from WWE completely? Would Vince fire the biggest star of his company? Why is Cena following orders? Just to convoluted like I said and makes little sense to anyone with any intelligence.Guess that is why WWE is programming so hard to children nowadays.

Why does Cole freak out about Smackdown stars on Raw yet Cole is on Smackdown each week now? How does any of this make any sense? I never listen to a word coming from Hogan’s mouth but he is right about needing far more realism in the current wrestling product, something Paul Heyman would have brought to TNA had Paul been hired there. Now that Raw and Smackdown are under the same corporate TV umbrella the shows need to be combined. All titles need to be unified and both shows need to be crossover. It makes zero sense to have two separate shows anymore and storylines will be far more fluid if the brand extension is finally put to rest once and for all. Also what is wrong with the Raw GM is that not one fan is waiting with baited breathe about who the GM truly is. That is not a solid storyline when fans are not invested in it. At first we were but after awhile fans stopped caring and started hating.

There are enough spots between Raw, Smackdown, and Superstars for all wrestlers to remain with WWE. Although I do think the rosters can be trimmed with some dead weight. Combining the rosters will help with the overall star power per show and can help WWE with the reliance on staying with the same wrestlers in the same spots forever. WWE needs to continue with the youth movement regardless of what stars like Kevin Nash says. Yes big names are a must as well but new stars that become big names are equally as important, more important right now for the long term health of the company actually. WWE is doing a great job of introducing new stars to the fans but no one right now is captivating the audience enough whereas we see another Stone Cold or Rock on the horizon. I believe there is one in the group but we have yet to see that true breakout superstar at full potential.

I am not sure if Linda losing her bid for congress will have any effect on WWE going forward but I sure hope so. I know WWE is not changing the TV PG rating anytime soon because of the new advertisers, but that does not mean that the WWE product cannot get more edgy. It would boil down to what the new advertisers deem acceptable and what is deemed too risqué. We do not need the return of scantily clad women but a more realistic and combative approach to wrestling with more hints of violence and an ok to show blood would be beneficial. WWE can be less cartoonish and child oriented and be more adult programming without it going back to the levels of the Attitude Era or ECW. There is a happy medium that can be met, and with Linda losing, WWE needs to find what that is and fast.

WWE is in a great position to be in. Lots of young talent that is establishing themselves as true stars, and Linda losing her campaign bid. Now is the time for WWE to start looking at making long term changes to help better the product. Nothing that WWE does will affect children buying merchandise since merchandise sales were strong during the Attitude Era. Children will buy t-shirts and action figures but kids will buy more of them when the product is actually hip and cool and wrestling is neither right now. I have never seen more action figures sitting on the shelf collecting dust than I do nowadays. WWE needs to produce a better product agreed, but WWE is producing a decent one right now but it does not draw in any non-wrestling fans to the wrestling product.

I just think that WWE needs to end this Raw GM angle and either expose who it is or do away with it completely. Angles that are dreaded every week by fans make little to no sense to me. Yes Cole is getting some character as Cole was bland as hell before but why is WWE spending time getting over Cole’s character as opposed to actual wrestlers that can make the company money and go on the road? That is wasting creative’s time and time is precious few for creative as it is. The ratings have been better as of late but still low 3’s are nowhere near what Raw should be getting right now. The ratings are still a concern and the PPV buyrates are getting lower and lower each year. The latest buyrate numbers were atrocious at best.

Bottom Line:

WWE is in a great position with the Linda campaign loss and have the opportunity to make change without hurting Linda’s political aspirations. This is where WWE can take the bull by the horns approach to the company and steer it in a new direction as the new year approaches. Royal Rumble until WrestleMania is where WWE usually excels and if the strong storylines and angles coincide with wholesale change in direction then WWE may just have a very strong year ahead. And I quote, make change and watch the company prosper. You have just read another chapter of the Forzese Files and as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jim Forzese

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  1. By Tony Ruiz - East LA, posted

    I agree with you whole heartly in this article. I too have been put off with this mystery GM on Raw. I simply can not stand Cole. They make him to be someone he’s not and that is a Superstar in WWE. I hope the story lines get better because I am ready to quit the WWE.

  2. By Jimmy, posted

    Unknown GM? PeeWee Herman? who’s next? Captain Kangaroo, The Electric Company? Sesame Street? C’mon WWE!!!! Howdy Dodie? Wake Up or Shut Down!!!

  3. By Ray Ray, posted

    Please please stop this whole GM storyline and shut Cole the hell up. Get him off of Smackdown and just shut him up. He is a second rate announcer and he is a joke

  4. By Don MacLeod, posted

    Gotta Disagree. I am liking the Heel role Cole is filling. While there haven’t been many Heel Play by Play guys, where have all the great heel announcers gone? Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan were two of the greats on the Mic and are revered for their time on the Announce crew as much as they were for their in ring resumes. Outside of Cole and occasionally Striker, we don’t have a Heel voice on the Mic right now (RAW, SD, NXT, SS or TNA). Its refreshing to hear again.
    Honestly, I never liked Cole until the last couple years, quite frankly, after he and JR swapped brands, is when he started down that road, and when I started liking him. He accepted the fact the fans were against him, and he could become a heel. This “Annonymous GM” bit, is an extension of it. His honesty about NXT going rapidly downhill is a refreshing bit as well. Its amazing Vince is yelling in his ear to berate his own product as much as he does. Prior to it, the GM seemed to be beaten to a pulp by Nexus/Orton/Edge/other week in and week out. That’s no way to handle it either, and this was/is a reasonable way around it.

    As for Cena going to SD, well, the comments was “Fired from the WWE” and Cena made the comment that means he can’t go to SD (because yes, they did figure out that needed to be addressed). Stupid? Maybe, but it was explained (sort of).

  5. By Axeman, posted

    I agree the brands should be joined. There was nothing better than back in the 80′s when the champion was talking and the least expected wrestler came out and challenged him for the belt. Remember the suspense of Rick Rude and the Warrior? Macho coming out to challenge Hogan? Just think how cool it would be to have Orton as the champ and have someone he never faced come out and challenge him? It is that suspense that makes watching every week fun. Right now I know next week it will be a member of Nexus fighting Orton, Cena involved somehow, and soon Shamus MC Donald will come out for his Duble Duble E championship AGAIN!!! BORING!

  6. By Stephen Faust, posted

    As far as I’m concerned,this angle with a faceless GM should have been droped long ago. I wis the WWF/E would put more emphasis on wrestling instead of the entertainment because quite frankly,They are not entertaining by doing crap like a faceless GM. Wrestling is what made the WWF/E famous. That is what the heirarchy should be worried about.

  7. By PAUL, posted


    Once again a great article…..I cringe at the sight of the stupid lights going off and cole standing up…. Expose the tie between the GM and Nexus and be over with it….

  8. By bob, posted

    I think its pretty obvious that there is no Mystery GM. Its all the doing of Michael Cole. Suddenly there was no GM then all of a sudden there is a “mystery GM” that communicates via E mail only with Michael Cole. The Angle is that he saw an opportunity and jumped at it.He is the GM by his own making and no one questioned it. I’m just wondering when a wrestler is gonna walk up behind him when he is doing his “And I quote” bit…and proclaims..”Your Not Even Communicating With Anyone!!!”

  9. By Jdekett, posted

    Mystery GM = BArrack Obama … both of them have a popularity poll result of 2%

  10. By Cliff May, posted

    I haven’t watched or even bothered freaking recording RAW on DVR in a while. How about I wait until the GM thing is completely done before I consider watching it again. Like a protest vote.

  11. By jeff, posted

    I also don’t understand why vince has let this storyline run as long as he has and where he’s going with it, one week you think
    the gm is against nexus and the next week
    it’s like he/she’s on their side. I DO know
    this, it surprises the heck out of me everyweek how the fans boo VERY VERY loudly
    when the lights flash and the little bell goes off alerting us to another message from
    the mystery gm but to me the BIGGEST mystery is can’t Vince hear all those boos? hasn’t he got the clue that over half his PAYING
    audience DO NOT like this storyline, I’m not
    sure if it’s the WHOLE storyline or that the audience ACTUALLY can’t stand Michael cole
    that strongly but whatever plan vince has
    to get to the finish of this storyline, it
    had better be a doozy because he’s losing
    the fans interest with every week. The story
    of a mystery character pulling strings behind the scenes is NOT new in wrestling(
    black scorpion in WCW,the mystery parter of
    nash and hall that turned out to be hogan in wcw,and the list goes on and on but the difference with THESE storylines is they caught the fans attention and HELD it till the end with a major climax, the fans are
    QUICKLY getting to the point they don’t CARE who the gm is, they just want this storyline to end. I’m REALLY beginning to doubt there’s ANYONE working in WWE that ACTUALLY has a clue on how to sit down and write a
    storyline that makes sense past ONE match,
    gone are the days when bookers and writers
    laid out a storyline that might last a year that had a strong beginning, a climax building middle that made you WANT to turn
    in every week to see what happened next and then came the payoff, the big match that
    tied up the storyline, THAT is missing from
    this whole gm storyline, the start wasn’t
    THAT strong, it’s dragged on WAYYYYY past
    the point where it should have ended with
    NOTHING major happening to keep people
    tuned in(a tease connection with nexus
    hasn’t REALY helped keep the fans interested)and unlike all those storylines in the past, I can’t see ANY way Vince could end it that would have a big payoff that would make the fans say”wow, that was a shock, I didn’t think THAT”

  12. By Richard Urbanowski, posted

    i just want to say that i have reched the point where i finally have given up on WWE. every week its the same junk John Cena and Nexus. and this mystery GM is so lame and Michael Cole is a joke.i am not sure about TNA yet bug they are getting pretty lousy with their story lines also. i might just walk away from wrestling again.

  13. By Billy Beergoggles, posted

    Daniel Bryan said it best when he verbally attacked Cole.

    I,also, wish they would stop trying to pass Cole off as Straight, most of the world knows different and his Wikipedia page confirms. Not that I care about his personal life but don’t completely insult my intelligence!

    The WWE is truly the new land of make believe,maybe Mister Rodgers is the GM.

  14. By Billy Beergoggles, posted

    Oh and will someone please tell Vinnie Mac to push Vickie down some stairs and tell her “There is No Excuse for You!”.

  15. By Jim Forzese, posted

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

  16. By Anthony, posted

    I was a huge wrestling fan in the late 80s early 90s.(WWF/WCW) Then wrestling became extremely dumb and dopey and just flat out LAME!!! I walked away for a few years until this weird underground wrestling movement came about. It’s name was EC f’n W. After that WWE and WCW grew a pair and developed an attitude and i became a fan again. Wrestling was fun, exciting and cool again. But now… I think I’m at that point again where i need to just walk away. B/c this crap is just atrocious. The ridiculously dumb storylines. The horrible 2 minute matches. The lack of anything interesting or any excitement in the shows. I really am just watching out of habit and hope. Hope that one day i ‘ll watch and things will magically be better. MUST…WALK…AWAY!!!

  17. By PAUL, posted


    I have a proposal for you if you’d enlighten us…..i love your articles when u take the creative role over…

    What would YOU do with the GM, nexusm and cena angle….

    also does the WWE have anyone even remotely close in florida who can make an impact if called up????

    Im ready to give up on the WWE too but TNA is horrendous!!!

  18. By Jim Forzese, posted

    Ok Paul I will write an article taking over creative on those subjects.

  19. By pienman, posted

    i love these foresze files! i tune in to read the take on the angles of what you have to say…. i applaud

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