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What did you think of RAW? (Nov 1)

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  1. By Israel, posted

    This is awesome! I’m the first to vote and comment on 1Wrestling.com! That whole skit with Vince was one of the worst moments in wrestling history. I liked when Vince wore Blumenthal’s bumper sticker on his ass. Other than that this show was unwatchable. I’m sorry I turned it on. This will go down in history as not just the lowest rated Monday Night RAW ever but maybe the worst wrestling show ever.

  2. By WWE is all but a memory, posted

    Go back and check the opening lines of Pee Wee’s Playhouse and that describes RAW to a T. This show is such a mess. Reuben’s is a funny guy and I met him and he must be hurting for some money. What a horrible show this is. But watching this trainwreck is hysterical.

  3. By andrew, posted

    I am a big fan of wwe but last night I am so mad at the McMahons. Over the last 10 years wwe all told us to smackdown the vote for any one who running for office ‘guess what’ONLY VOTE FOR Linda McMahon for senate!!!! I wish I was living in connecticut so I would vote against Linda McMahon. I live in the state of kentucky so I will vote against Rand Paul because he is crazy!!!!!

  4. By Chicago Ed, posted

    Pee Wee Hermann are you kidding me, RAW is a joke!!

  5. By eljay, posted

    I guess with the elction coming up today, Vince figured it was time to rescue the WWE once again, without hurting his wife’s chances of election. The shows have been atrocious!!! Wasn’t this hospital bit done to death already though? It was great when Stone Cold and Mick Foley visited him in the hospital years ago(lol)

  6. By Brian, posted

    The show opened and ended decently but everything in between made for one of the worst RAW’s ever seen on television. Good opening promo with Orton and Cena and decent main event that keeps the storyline build up of what will Cena do at Survivor Series. As stated earlier the decision to turn him heel and screw Orton or keep him face, have him screw Barrett and find some way back from his firing will be determined by today’s election results. Other than that it was the same old shit different week with bad guest hosts, annoying anonymous GMs and poor wrestling in general. TNA in its previous incarnation (6 sided ring, pre Hogan and Bischoff) would have defeated Vince by now and would be pulling 2.4+ ratings but sadly TNA has become WCW 2.0 and is just as bad. Not sure what has to happen to get wrestling back to what it used to be but hopefully it happens fast because a lot of fans are tuning out and a lot more are debating walking away for good (myself included).

  7. By simonsebs, posted

    The segment with Pee Wee in the ring was funnier than I thought it would be. That may be because I grew up with the show.

    The McMahon segment was almost decent if they hadn’t gone for the toliet humor and the whole “it was all just a dream” part. I’m curious if the part with Vince doesn’t violate some sort of campaign law. It didn’t make since for them to do it on a national/international show when Linda is running for senate of one state.

    Aside from these two moments the show was pretty forgetable, with the exception of Daniel Bryan.

  8. By andrew, posted

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Linda McMahon lost her race for senate!!!! WWE NOW CAN BECOME TV-14 ONCE AGAIN!!!! the ratings will rise again and tna will go out of bussiness.

  9. By jj, posted

    sorry bud wwe will always stay pg because of the kids that they have now that are watching

  10. By Richard, posted

    The opening and ending was solid, the rest of the show was not so hot.

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