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What did you think of iMPACT!? (October 28)

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  1. By Rob79, posted

    One of the worse episodes of Impact I have seen in a long time, straight out bordem. The lack of actual Wrestling on Impact is unreal, its becoming a waste of time as a Wrestling fan. When Raw and Smackdown are having more wrestling, than truly TNA has forgotten what they should be about.

  2. By jj, posted

    It was A good show I watched it after giants vs ranger game last night.

  3. By Dale, posted

    I just wanted to say that tonights show was one of the best I had watched in a very long time. The Ladies Rock. That was an awesome (and unforeseen) way to start Impact. Mickie looks awesome in the daisy dukes!!! I also want to say that the that the Tag Match with MCMG, INK Inc, and Gen Me – That was truely gifted wrestling. Those three teams put on one heck of a match. TNA needs to think about The Briscoes and other teams to boost their Tag Team Division even higher. I am not digging the jersey shore wanna be chick nor am I in for the WCW rehashed spooky chick from nowhere angle that they have going with the ex WWE Katie Lee Burchill. She needs to go learn the in ring craft alongside Mrs. Teschmacher. Bring back the 6 sided ring. I think the X-Division suffers without it. All in all 4.5 out of 5. -.25 for the Jersey Idiot Girl and another -.25 for poor Katie getting stuck in a really bad WCW rehash.

  4. By Erik, posted

    The best line of the night was when Jeff called Joe a big tub of goo. It was a smart move to not wrestle anderson tonight. Matt and jeff called from 1996 and they want thier gear back. That’s too was a good line.

  5. By Mikey, posted

    Holy crap, MY SON! All of the absolute worst of WCW! Stinks to high hell of Kevin Sullivan and Vince Russo! Next week, Jeff Jarrett is going to lay down for Chyna again, right?

  6. By Slick Rick Jr, posted

    Good show all around. I’m gonna echo most of you and ask that TNA do something with Jersey and do it quick. To me it’s pointless. What got me most of all last nite was Morgan and his fight for Anderson. Bringing in the real-world and current issue of concussions was great. Post-match, Morgan looked ready to break Jarrett in half. Also interested in seeing where Pope and Abyss take their feud.

  7. By Brad, posted

    I’m not sure how someone can truly trash this show? The six man was very good, and the Knockouts were entertaining. True, these matches were not headliners of a PPV, but it is NOT a PPV. I was not a fan of the Shore, but all this really is is a cocky guy with a valet. It is good filler and is not expected to be a main event act! I do hope that Matt Morgan takes Nash’s spot as the big guy against “They”. Doug Williams is a good wrestler, but lacks charisma and should not speak. When Wolfe gets back he should be the voice of a faction against “They”. I saw somewhere that Wolfe was doing stand-up comedy in Orlando. Great practice for your promos. I like the “Winter” gimmick for Katie it seems to fit her. 7/10

  8. By grossepointer, posted

    great show!!!! really like where they are going with the current story lines. could do without the shore though. the show was brilliant and to all those who say ” its just like WcW”, so what? remember, they beat WWe 82 plus weeks in a row. bringing in the reality of concussed athletes was awesome, morgan will lead the charge against immortal.
    look for fortune to eventually break away, and join in the fight against immortal.
    TNA will be here forever!!!!!

  9. By Cliff May, posted

    I have the show recorded on my DVR and I think I watched it up to a little over and hour. I’ll watch the rest of it soon.
    Using the topic of head concussions is pretty cool and interesting. I’m not sure if Matt Morgan is the best one to do that with though. It goes against his character because a while back, he did a spot where he kicked Shawn Hernandez’s head into a ring post. He also did it to Homicide and tried to do it to the Pope. I haven’t watched the fight between him and Fortune yet, which I saw photos of on Facebook. I’m looking forward to seeing that.
    It’s cool to see Katie Lee Burchill in TNA Impact. But I’m not digging the mysterious appearances thing. It’s kinda hokey and makes it look like G.L.O.W. wresting, if anyone remembers that.

  10. By Craig, posted

    Maybe the worst episode of the year.

    The overuse of the womens division is a joke. I don’t want to see that crap – I want to see the X-Division. Womens wrestling is a joke and only draws the masterbation audience to start with. Hopefully TNA wise up.

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