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The Solie Chronicles – #6

During his career, the late Gordon Solie called the action for over 25,000 professional wrestling matches. He had an acute awareness of “in ring” talent and accordingly, the “dean” of professional wrestling announcers developed his own list of favorite performers in the “squared circle.” Over the years, Gordon Solie mentioned several wrestlers that stood above the rest and made his announcing duties even more enjoyable.
One of Solie’s all-time preferences was a man who travelled from Japan to the United States in the early 1960s. Fans expected to see the young Japanese wrestler display some martial arts talent but learned that the grappler known as Hiro Matsuda possessed superior wrestling skills as well.

The legendary Hiro Matsuda

Matsuda quickly became a favorite with the Florida wrestling fans during his feud with Danny Hodge during bouts for the NWA junior heavyweight world title belt. As time went on, Matsuda became a stockholder and an integral part of Championship Wrestling from Florida.
After training grapplers like Hulk Hogan, Paul Orndorff and Brian Blair, Matsuda finished his career as owner of World Superstars of Wrestling, Inc. (WSW) producing a television program titled Ring Warriors. In 1995, Matsuda added his former associate, Gordon Solie, as a commentator for Ring Warriors.
More information about Gordon Solie and Hiro Matsuda is available in The Solie Chronicles, The Life and Times of Gordon Solie.

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