Posted October 25th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of RAW (Oct 25)

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  1. By Bill Apter, posted

    I’m confused. It’s Randy Orton vs. John Cena with Wade Barrett at ringside for “Nexus” Cena. So Barrett attacks Cena and Orton loses by disqualification. Am I missing something here. Shouldn’t the DQ go on Orton for someone attacking Cena?

  2. By Travis Weberling, posted

    Bill,it doesn’t really matter anymore.Gone are the days of good booking,now it’s comedy & bs.I mean,they had Shameus do a job to Santino for God’s sake.Can you imagine if they would’ve done that kind of poor booking with the 4 horsemen back in the 80′s?I saw your interview with Ted about Ak,Ak was someone that even I couldn’t figure out & I worked for him as his head ref for 5yrs.Take it easy,Bill.

  3. By Mike, posted

    I want MA-rated wrestling, not Pee Wee Herman. I’m done with this shit.

  4. By fred, posted

    right on mike 100 percent agree…..but of course i still watch probably lol

  5. By Cliff May, posted

    They might as well bring back Todd Pettengill and Stephanie Wiand and have them act like they’re the coolest, hippest, most exciting and buzz-worthy thing to happen. I mean, who needs a voice and image like Paul Heyman wearing his backwards hat and trench coat when you can have Pettengill wearing a big cartoonish tuxedo and Wiand who looks like some Mary Kay products sales person.

    Kane can go back to being a dentist. Bob Backlund can announce his 2012 campaign for president of the United States. Bring back the In Your House pay per view events and make it mandatory for wrestlers to say things like “I will beat you in your house!” Infact, make Randy Orton say that. That will really make him clever! And have a bunch of advertisement graphics for products like Super Soaker toys and Razor Scooters. And don’t forget to have Justin Beiber and the cast of the Twilight movies sit at ringside at an event.

  6. By WWE is in trouble, posted

    You know the WWE is bad when the site director is confused about story lines. It was and is an absolute mess. Fun to watch because it is like watching a car wreck. I wonder just how low this show is actually going to reach. It keeps this up and the ratings will equal TNA’s. AT least TNA is trying.

  7. By Jimmy, posted

    Vince McMahon Sr. must be the dizziest soul in the afterlife from turning in his grave repeatedly after watching his son destroy his dream of putting out true professional wrestling and turning it into G rated cartoon of misguided muscle heads.

  8. By chris, posted


  9. By Bryon C, posted

    They had their chance to take Cena and have him turn and be Nexus 100%..But this BS they are doing now. It’s crazy. How did Nexus go from taking over all of WWE to just messing with Cena who is a part of Nexus..I miss the NWO…lol..well until they have all the different types of NWO’s

  10. By WWE4toddlers, posted

    This show is a complete mess.

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