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From the !BANG! TV Sound Stage, Sabu throws fire into the face of Dory Funk JR.

!BANG! TV Report – Will Sabu Throw the Fire at TNA’s Turning Point?

Two !BANG! TV Performers, Sabu and Rob Van Dam will appear on TNA’s next Pay Per View, “Turning Point” coming to Orlando Florida Sunday November 7th. Both are featured on !BANG! TV, Rob Van Dam vs Dory Funk Jr. from Amarillo, Texas and from the Funking Conservatory Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida, Sabu vs Dory Funk Jr.

Sabu and Rob Van Dam were trained by the original Sheik, Eddie Farhat. The Sheik was known for his ability to throw fire from his hands into the face of his opponents.

The Sheik passed the secret of the fire down to his nephew, Sabu. Will Sabu use the fireball against his ECW cohort, Rob Van Dam at Turning Point in Orlando?

Now online at http://www.dory-funk.com Dory Funk Jr. vs Rob Van Dam from Amarillo, Texas and the infamous “Fire Match” Sabu vs Dory Funk Jr. from the !BANG! TV set in Ocala, Florida.

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Dory Funk Jr. is the Coach Funking Conservatory Wrestling and trainer of WWE, NXT, TNA and Japanese Professional Wrestlers.

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  1. By Professor Obvious, posted

    Maybe he can throw it at the people that just made Brock job.. so they could tout
    “The first Mexican champ”.. yes Brock JOBBED.. and you could tell it.. he had no happy act.. no “usual Brockism’s”.. he just looked like ..”beat me and pay me..”.. so UFC shows they are a worked business and, after bowing at the altar, should change their name to UPC.. Ultimate Political Correctness… meh..