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What did you think of RAW? (Oct 18)

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  1. By Don, posted

    WWE’s product STINKED to high heaven.

    And how about that promo advertisement basically in simple terms stating that everyone who criticizes their absolute failures are somehow elitists?

    Support the wwe, I think I will say hmmmmmm………NOT!

    Shame though that the NHL center ice free preview isn’t a few more weeks longer. Raw has been nothing but a quick filler during the hockey game commercials.

  2. By arron, posted

    raw sucked again with subpar wrestling and of course john cena i hate him as much as i do hulk hogan and eric bischoff im sure this comment will be removed because everytime i make a remark about how greedy amd power hungry hogan is my comment gets removed i think we know why and who’s behind it. anyway raw sux 2/10. but to those die hard wwe fans i hate tna too its all horriable and not good at all i miss the attitude era now that was a good time to be a wrestling fan. these are my personal feelings and do not reflect bill apter, 1wrestling .com or anyone affiliated with them

  3. By JJTj, posted

    How long will the computer ‘GM’ crap go
    on? The WWE could raise the numbers big
    time if they just brought SOMEONE in from
    the old days (Piper/Rock/Austin/etc) and
    just END this moronic storyline. Also,
    ‘N’ is just becoming stupid, they can
    beat anyone up in force, and NO ONE comes
    to aid the beaten guy? Come on. This
    is just dumb. Between the WWE’s failure
    to attract fans, and TNA’s return to the
    WCW’s downward slide, wrestling today
    just sucks. And there is no need for it.

  4. By tasha, posted

    raw… not so good. Enough already with the nexus angle. Either turn Cena heel or keep him face but stop with the is he or isn’t he crap because he it is getting real old real quick. Another thing getting really is the ever nonexistant gm and his idiot cole .and I quote” the tasha wants someone to kick michael cole’s asap” because he is annoying me. I think I see 2 swerves at bragging rights. I think that maybe edge might be the actual gm and may be infiltrating smackdown or Michael Cole is the actual gm. Either way he still deserves to get his butt kicked. All those who want to see Michael Cole get his butt handed to him, give me a hell yeah!

  5. By WWE is in trouble, posted

    Now WWE is criticizing it’s critics? Stick a fork in this show already.

    Who is in this focus group they are talking about? Probably Cena, HHH, Vince and Stephanie.

  6. By Scott Justice, posted

    Vince killed wrestling when he bought WCW. The WWE Product has gone down since then. TNA died the day they brought in Hogan and his buddies. I’m done with both. Thanks WWE for ending my 40 year run of loving wrestling. I will not watch it again!

  7. By James, posted

    What i saw of Raw was ok. I slept thru a great deal of it, and not because it was terrible t.v., it was because i have chores to do and a child to take care of i was just plain tired. I agree the Cena heel turn needs to be fast forwarded or just abandon the whole concept. Cena was a great heel in the past, he could be again. Teddy Long was awesome taking the GM computer. The battle royal was just good tv. I have the remainder of the program on my DishNetwork DVR so i will rehash and fill in the blanks. I continue to believe in WWE and give them a DOUBLE THUMBS UP!!!!!! As do millions of other fans who fill WWE arenas, buy there merchandise, and buy there pay per views. If you think WWE is so bad stop watching and let those of us who do enjoy WWE have it all to ourselves. The numbers don’t lie WWE is worldwide baby. They do a world of good thru there charity work. What charity work has TNA done? Have a nice Day peeps!!!!

  8. By WWE 4 Kids, posted
  9. By WWE is in trouble, posted

    James you sure it is not your imaginary kid writing you drivel for you? You start at saying Raw is ok then giving them a big thumbs up due to tax write off charity? Wake up.

    Look at the ratings.

  10. By jj, posted

    i bet more people were watching nfl and mlb last night then the pg crapy wwe

  11. By James, posted

    I have a right to state my opinion without fear of retribution. i do not attack other posters. nor will i stoop to that level as that is cyber bullying. I do have a 12 year old autistic child so how dare you insinuate i am pretending to have a kid. Remember i am a real person with real feelings and just want to participate just like everybody else. as far as the charity question is concerned it was an honest question and i got an honest answer no problem there. TNA should publicize there charity activity more. I try to be nice to everyone i hope my closing from my earlier comment did not offend. I just hope one day we can have a peaceful non threatening environment on these message boards. Thank you.

  12. By Tasha, posted

    @ WWE 4 kids : first of all my husband did not accuse tna of anything. He simply asked of what charities does tna support. We have not heard or seen any of tna’s charity work so speaking of false accusations…..

    @ wwe is in trouble: How dare you claim that James and I don’t have a child. We have a handsome boy that is 12 years old.He is severely autistic. We support the wwe because of all of the money that they donate to autism research and support. If you can’t understand why we would support that then maybe you’re the one who needs to “WAKE UP”!!! Oh and enclosed is a link to picture of our “IMAGINARY SON”! JERK

  13. By Tasha, posted

    the link for my sons picture did not appear in my wifes post so here it is again. His name is Eli he is 12 and has autism. Eli is our pride and joy.


  14. By WWE 4 Kids, posted

    I am sorry, but I was just simply answering the question, “What charity work has TNA done?”, which accused TNA of not doing any charity work at all. That’s all there is to it. There’s nothing false about it. I even gave proof with the websites I gave.

  15. By James, posted

    RE: WWE 4 kids: I apologize if you took offense to my statement. Dude lighten up. ok no hostility is needed in this situation. I appreciate the fact that you posted links for TNA. TNA is doing good things also. I never said it was false, i have no beef with you. Gee whiz trying to have a peaceful conversation with people is almost impossible anymore. can we start a trend of intelligent adults having intelligent conversations without being so touchy? We have to seperate fantasy from reality. We are not cutting promos on these message boards, i would like to think we can all just get along and share our feelings about wrestling without attacking each other.

  16. By joe santiago, posted

    i love people who invest there energy in hating the likes of john cena and hulk hogan,2 guys who could give a tinkers damn about what anyone thinks about them, im sure they both cry on the way to the bank , is it any wonder that vince cant stand internet marks ? people its a fictional show , how in gods name can you invest any emotion in hating 2 peopel playing fictional characters and if you do! then they have done there jobs , so why not sit back enjoy the show and shut the hell up

  17. By joe santiago, posted

    and now for the bad news , to all you prediter of wrestlings demise heres a news flash , wrestling has been on american tv in one form or another since the inception of tv,at one point it was only seen on uhf stations yet it survived , and while the product has evolved from what it was during the so called attitude era , here are your choices , either turn the channel and watch something else or accept the fact that neither wwe nor tna nor roh , or any organisation worth it salt is going to do what you want , they will do whatever is good for there pocketbook.

  18. By madder, posted

    You Know What!, Joe Said it all , No More needs to be said Kudos to you Joe!!

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