Posted October 16th, 2010 by 1Wrestling News Team

Matt Hardy has posted a YouTube video commenting on his WWE release.

To view the video, click here

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  1. By tasha, posted

    Matt, I hope that you will go to tna. You are a talented wrestler. Please forgive me for saying this but… you are so much more talented than your brother. I mean jeff has talent and his stunts are outrageous but, you are just better.You are just a more versatile wrestler. While it is fun to watch jeff, after a while it becomes sort of like yeah yeah not again. Together you guys balanced each other but alone Jeff becomes boring and we begin to see who is the more talented brother….YOU! I loved it when you were ECW champion. It was like finally. You should have been world champion ( I say that because I am tired of brand separation).WWE’s BIG LOSS!!!

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