Posted October 16th, 2010 by Bill Apter

Thank you to all who came to see Jim Cornette “roasted” last night as the Midnight Express, Dutch Mantel, Nick Dinsmore, Missy Hyatt, Al Snow, Amy Lee, Prince Nana,  and so many more blasted “Corny” with sarcastic verbal jabs.  Yes it’s true (in case you have not heard) my famous combover is no longer as it was cut in fun by The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette.  I also took a pie to the face (I love that “old school” humor)!

Cornette was thrilled at the end of the evening when presented with the Ring Roasts Acheivement award.

In all it was a fun night and it should be an equally great time at the Legends Of The Ring convention today as well (at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Monroe, New Jersey).

More during the week!

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  1. By joe cool, posted

    back in 1980 something when i was in my early 20′s i designed a jacket for jim cornette and the midnight express.i found jim to be one of the nicest guys and funniest guys you’d ever want to meet.i admired the hell out of him because he was one of the greatest managers i have ever seen.some yrs later i got into the wrestling business as a manager and had the honor of working against mr cornette.That was one of the greatest moments i had in the business.let me tell you that tennis racket hurts when u get hit with it.vince put cornette in the hall of fame.HE DESERVES IT.

  2. By tasha, posted

    I have always been a cornette fan for many years. It was stupid for WWE and TNA to get rid of him. He is an asset and their loss is ROH’s and OVW’s gain. I am glad that someone recognizes that he deserves to be honored.

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