Posted October 15th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

WWE has released Matt Hardy. ┬áThe announcement came today on WWE.com with the standard “future endeavors” language. ┬áHardy had been seeking his release for several weeks and posted a comment this afternoon on Twitter that said he feels “like a prisoner set free”.

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  1. By Slick Rick Jr, posted

    Joining his brother in TNA sometime in the near future perhaps?

  2. By Don, posted

    With the kind of product that WWE is running just to cater Linda Mcmahon’s senate run, I feel like a prisoner too.

  3. By Chicago Ed, posted

    Good for Matt, see ya in TNA in about 3 months!

  4. By tasha, posted

    well I am truly sorry to see matt go but if he is not happy then he should not be there. I wish him luck in whatever he does. Do I possibly hear a Matt vs. Jeff x 2 or hardy boys reunion as a heel group. Who knows.

  5. By WWE is in trouble, posted

    Yeah the WWE is a mess and it gets worse and worse and he should go to TNA with his brother. Vince is only working with those that have the names Cena and Orton..

    Why else would WWE feel the need to have a focus group?

  6. By Richard, posted

    TNA time for Hardy….

  7. By JG, posted

    Before Matt joins TNA he should join Jenny Craig.

  8. By Iceman, posted

    Good for Matt, he was a better wrstler than the way the WWE was treating him, even better for TNA. I think he will be the 1st of many that will leave the WWE for TNA and be better utilized.

  9. By Dorian, posted

    TNA has a true tag team division and is the natural destination for Matt hardy to go to. One question though—Jeff is currently champion–will he drop the belt just to team up with his brother?

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