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What did you think of iMPACT!? (October 14)

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  1. By James, posted

    THE WORST AND MOST BARBARIC WRESTLING SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! The barbaric attacks on Angle And Anderson were nothing short of gang violence. No real wrestling to speak of at all. The constant following of this stupid THEY story line is a waste of time. I am disappointed that TNA did not take this opportunity to improve. Instead it only gets worse. The scene in which Bishoff verbally abused and humiliated Miss Tessmocker was horrible. Everyone who has ever suffered any type of abuse were cringing at the sight of that. Having Tara lay down was a joke. Tara is a real wrestler and deserves more respect than this. The constant abuse of women by TNA is disgusting. Those mean security guards who punched Dixie Carters husband in the face should be in jail!!!! I keep watching hoping things will get better but i do not think they will. I think TNA is going to die Like WCW did. I am not condoning this product at all. TNA is abusive to women and promotes violence of grand proportions. I am thrilled WWE is there to provide an alternative to this GARBAGE!!!!! This is what Hogan and Bishoff bring to any orginization, Baggage containing evil and destruction. Go ahead and ride your CRAZY TRAIN people. Go ahead aand love your blood and broken bodies. If you think Angle’s attack was entertaining YOU ARE SICK!!!!! IF you think Anderson’s Attack was entertaining YOU ARE SICK!!!!! If you support abusing women YOU ARE SICK!!!!! This program (TNA) is not entertaining to me. It is sickening and disgusting. WWE WINS THE WAR 4-EVER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. By Slick Rick Jr, posted

    So… the barbaric attacks from the Nexus couldn’t be considered gang violence? I give Impact a 8.5 out of 10. The 1.5 I’m deducting from the stupid Shore stuff. My wife watches that stuff and I leave the room to get something else, please end the Shore!

  3. By Jimmy, posted

    what in the world was that? 90 minutes of non stop talking and 20 minutes of wrestling? Can you say WWE? I am sorry but i expected more from TNA than what we were given last night. to me it was like watching reruns from the mid eighties to mid nighties wrestling, I have seen all of this b4 and it was not fun then and it is not fun now. WAKE UP!!!! Hogan and Bischoff!!! you don’t have a clue!!!!! you have ruined a very good product!!!!

  4. By Harold Loeblein, posted

    If last night was an example of what is to come – then they lost me as a fan. This is what destoryed WCW and will do the same to TNA. I’ll give them a couple of weeks and if this continues – I am gone

  5. By tasha, posted

    I am very disappointed in TNA. I mean it took boots, a shovel, and a wheel barrel to watch and to listen to the crap during the 1st hour ( well just about)It made me want to puke. I mean I love both tna and wwe but where the hell was the wrestling. tara laying down for the b*tch rayne. what the hell was that and what hell was up with finish between rvd and anderson? I told everyone that I know who “they” are with the exception of hardy months ago and I also said that hogan and bishop were not to be trusted the moment I heard that they signed with tna.What on this God green earth are they trying to do with the Jersey shore look-a-likes. I have hope that with the addition of mickie james they might add more credible women wrestlers and maybe the womens division could be rebuilt and won’t be the joke that it is now. To Miss tessmacher(i think that is how it is spelled) It’s call sexual harrassment and you should not have to deal with it. Lastly, I have a problem with what Jeff hardy said.It’s not our fault he was so high and decided to just be a highlight of the night. Nobody told his drugged out self to jump off the top of a cage or to jump off of a ladder onto a table. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched him decide to be the highlight and cost him and his brother title opportunities. i guess if he wasn’t on the drugs he would not have decided to be the highlight each time and hurt himself. We didn’t tell him to do this. He chose to make the stupid mistake of wanting to be the “extreme” enigma. So jeff if you want to blame someone for your injuries, blame yourself because we never asked you to smoke the dope and then go out there high as a kite and Jump off of a ladder or cage when you were probably visually impaired due to the drugs. Were you high last night too? Your eyes were a little glassed over. Just wondering.

  6. By Cliff May, posted

    I recorded IMPACT on my DVR and haven’t watched it yet. Before someone pulls the “if you haven’t done your research then don’t talk” card, hold your horses because I’m gonna watch it. But I wanted to comment on what I’m thinking going into watching it.

    The changes and heel turns from Bound For Glory are pretty nice I guess. But I’d like to see no more surprises like that for a while. Because I have to remember back to recent IMPACT episodes and figure out what really happened in the storylines. Like when Jeff Hardy was carried to the ring by Abyss. So I guess since they were part of the “They,” storyline-wise Hardy was pretending to be unconscious. But what about the outside fight between them on an earlier episode?

    And when Abyss shoved Hogan’s hall of fame ring into Hogan’s mouth. In the storylines, was Hogan a part of “They” at that point? Abyss was already talking about that, at that point. Or was Hogan sending communications to Abyss before revealing to Abyss, off camera, who he is?

    If they keep doing this on TNA, there isn’t enough consistency in who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. I wouldn’t want to see the it all turn around with Samoa Joe, Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, Dixie Carter, and Mickie James being the top heel group in power a few months later. Then another few months they turn back to good and the heels are Sting, Hogan who becomes his ally, Orlando Jordan who has been in on some evil plan from the start, Team 3-D, RVD, and the Hebner referees. Then a few months later it’s all switched around and mixed up again and Kurt Angle is a heel and has to undo all the good he’s done before in a 15 minute mic promo and we’re led to believe that the new heels have secretly been heels all along.

    I wonder if even the wrestlers can keep track of all this.

  7. By Darren S, posted

    a 2-hour show, with less than 1/2 hour of wrestling? (i’m not counting the overrun.) and out of all of it, not ONE match which went to a clean finish. i only gave it a thumbs in the middle because it looks like they *might* be able to pull off the Jeff Hardy heel turn. (but i doubt it)All in All, it was the same thing we saw in 1996-2001 WCW, and i can’t see anything new or interesting happening anytime soon.

  8. By grossepointer, posted

    wwe is NOT wrestling, it is “entertainment”. TNA is showcasing wrestling, the storyline is awesome, wwe needs to watch and learn. all this supposed abuse you talk about WAS done in wwe many times over. at least TNA is not having their top guy have sex with a corpse in a coffin, or having the birth of a hand. you must be all of …..10?

  9. By Dale, posted

    I felt that this was one of the worst TNA shows out there. I kept having WCW flash backs. I like the heel turn of Hardy. That is something that could be salvaged. The NWO revival is so damn old. I have never been a Bischoff/Hogan fan. I feel that TNA Needs to up their A-Game and this is nt the way to do it. Had it been an ECW take over… Now that would have been interesting. Tommy and/or RVD could have done the (contract swerve) on Dixie Carter. That would have worked in my opinion. As to their womens division… What happened?!?!? They had talent that could match the men, now we get WCW skits featuring JBowwow or who ever? Come on, TNA has a good product but they need to call in Susan Powter and “stop the insanity”. Hopefully it’ll get better soon.

  10. By Barry, posted

    dreadfully painful!!! storyline was executed horribly!!! way to take away from the wrestlers!!! Hogan = boring!!! Dixie Carter = boring!!! Jarrett = boring,,, seriously thought they were doing something right with Fortune til this!!!!!

  11. By jj, posted

    like i said before james don’t watch go and watch your pg wwe. thats all you do is talk crap about tna in everything you write. If you Don’t LIKE IT Dont watch. Its that simple.

  12. By Cliff May, posted

    Everyone, don’t bother responding directly to whoever is posting as James. Those posts are obviously meant to elicit reactions from us.

  13. By tasha, posted

    @ Cliff: Yes James is a real person. I should know because he is my husband of 13 years.

    @jj: He watches tna because I watch it and we only have 1 tv and since we are in america he has the god given right to post a comment just like anybody else. So I suppose I can say the same thing to you, If you don’t like what he posts just don’t read it. It’s just that simple.

  14. By Jay, posted

    Well everybody is bitching about how bad impact was but funny thing is ratings rise to a 1.4 I guess this is what people want to see. This is what I want to see. I want to see them build good story lines to have great wrestling matches behind it. This is what a wrestling show should look like dumb asses. WWE is too PG to even do anything cool. Why people watch it idk, maybe drinking too much of Vince cool aid.

  15. By Justin, posted

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It’s a good thing we have MMA and Sportscenter or I would have nothing to watch on tv.

  16. By jj, posted

    to me i don’t go wwe needs to do this and that or they need to do this i got more class then that i just stop watching wwe and nfl gave me more to watch with my pop

  17. By andrew, posted


  18. By madder, posted

    James and Andrew are right ,i read A post where Someone said “this is what Wrestling is Suppose to Be” Referring to TNA , That statement right there is exactly what a person who does not know what Real Wrestling is, I wrestled in High School and College And Neither WWE Or TNA is “Real Wrestling” But I know this I watch to be entertained by the FANTASY Of Pro-wrestling, I like PG WWE , If I want see spit open Heads , people using bats and 2×4 as weapons I can watch 1000 ways to die on spike , All this blood and crap foolish watch UFC or MMA if you want total real fighting or Boxing but do not call TNA Real Wrestling you look As stupid as the statement sounds. Yea for PG WWE!!!!

  19. By KbTb4, posted

    Another week of TNA, another waste of at least half of the 2 hours-had a better time
    seeing them the one time they were here
    in person. As much as it pains me to type it
    I’m afraid Kurt Angle would be better off
    in McMahonland.

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