Posted October 14th, 2010 by Bill Apter

I’m not sure what your reaction is but I thought the last 30 minutes of TNA iMPACT was really compelling and kept me glued to my seat (I did not read any spoilers and refused to read results sent of the tapings a few days ago to watch this as a fan).

Great stuff so far … that’s all I want to say!

What do you think?

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  1. By Jdekett, posted

    so far we have had what 2 matches in 1hr 45minutes

  2. By jj, posted

    That was a really good show, I enjoyed tna, I really don’t know whats going on with wwe, but I stoped watching it a few years ago and started to watch tna and on monday nights I watch monday night football then wwe

  3. By Rob79, posted

    I agree with you to a point, my problem was the lack of wrestling on this weeks program.

  4. By Jeff Mills, posted

    My wife and I are ten-year WWE fans. Having seen the promos for tonight’s TNA, and having little else to watch, we decided to watch the first episode of TNA we’d sat down to see more than a couple minutes of in over a year.

    We won’t be tuning back in. For a show that used to say “we don’t care too much about storylines, all the fans want is to watch us wrestle,” When they spend 75 minutes of blah-blah-blah before getting to an actual match (no, I don’t count the women’s title exchange as a “match”), do three short matches all night, and kill any pleasure with storylines about a company turnover the fans don’t care about because they want to see wrestling. No nutty who-dun-it junk that plays out over an hour-plus from folks whose acting ranges from borderline adequate to positively horrid. I can see this junk on TV just about anywhere, anytime.

    TNA’s product has to be superior in order to catch the once-in-a-while viewer such as myself. And this was the TV episode after what they termed, “the biggest PPV in TNA history!” Well, if this is the best you got, it doesn’t matter how much used talent from WWE you have. Yeah, RVD and Samoa Joe were the highlights of the show, but Mr. Anderson has lost a big step since his Kennedy days. Everything else I saw was so much trash. This is one viewer who won’t be back. Not enough wrestling in the wrestling show.

  5. By Will, posted

    I just feel like I am watching old WCW programming with the birth of the NwO….not good or bad just a deja vu feeling

  6. By Justin, posted

    hey all the tna show kicked ass i hope they keep it up i like were it is going wwe is getting old they need to go back to the old days like it was in the mid 1995/1999 thows were the good old days i think tna will give wwe a run four its money i can see it know.

  7. By Iceman, posted

    GREAT SHOW!! You WWE fans can keep watching that gabage on Raw, leave TNA alone, at least they are trying, which I can’t say about the WWE. You can keep your guest host, and unknown GM, and NEXUS. I’ll keep watching TNA!!

  8. By Stuart, posted

    yeah, but where’s Jay’s comprehensive write up? We didnt get one for Bound for Glory either!

  9. By tasha, posted

    I am a fan of both tna and wwe but I have to say you literally needed boots and shovel to watch tna last night. What a bunch of crap. Made me want to puke.

  10. By Ralph, posted

    I really like it. It brought good memories from the old wcw vs raw Monday night wars. I’ll watch both program no mater what. For 25 years I have been a wrestling fan and I don’t care if they a lot of matches or skits. However back in the day what I didn’t like about the nwo was that it was one sided for a long time you (matches ending in nothing, cheating, people turning to the dark side and stuff) so if they re-do this nwo gimmick they need to allow the new bread with the direction of Dixie, Nash and Sting to get even more often. Yes, wcw won the rating competition for a while but wwe was able to keep running not far behind because no matter how much power Vince had stone cold was able to get even on a regular basis which made me record wcw and watch raw live.

  11. By matthew, posted

    it was total nonesense. The faction is too big. Where was the wrestling? Bischoff is a terrible actor…this was a slow lumbering excuse for a wrestling show. What a disgrace. WHERE WAS THE WRESTLING!!?!?!?!?!?!?

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