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What did you think of RAW (Oct 11)

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  1. By Gil-D, posted

    Raw was ok, that’s all, best match was Evan Bourne Vs Sheamus. And R-Truth Vs DiBiase.
    Other than that, they made Cena look like an Avon lady…corny. I think it’s all gonna lead to bragging rights, where we all think Cena will cost Barrett the title, and cena will remove his purple shirt to reveal the nexus T. And break all kids hearts thus causing orton the title. Sounds ok to me

  2. By Brian, posted

    Nothing new or different separating this RAW from last week’s. I have a few complaints:

    Zack Ryder- this kid has something. Vince used to be on the cutting edge when it came to things that were hot in the media. Right now Jersey Shore is big so how can they not incorporate that into Ryder’s character? Hell they don’t even really need to as he was jersey shore before the show even came out. Worse that this kid can wrestle, could be a great heel that could draw heat from the crowd and instead he is stuck jobbing to Santino Marella. Seriously. Marella gets on team RAW over Ryder. Why?

    Cena & Barrett- they added nothing new to the angle this week. Barrett riled up Cena, tried to get him to attack him and once again Cena was forced to leave the ring and walk away. I will say I am glad the Miz gets to remain as team captain as right now he needs that top spot a lot more than Cena. But the Nexus/Cena angle needs something to keep it fresh. Barrett could have forced Cena to jump a member of the RAW roster, could have forced him to participate in a beat down (where have those gone btw? I thought Nexus was dangerous but they haven’t attacked anyone in weeks), maybe wear a Nexus shirt instead of his Cena shirt. Just something, anything.

    John Morrison should be being set up to be the next Shawn Michaels as something about him just reminds me of HBK circa 1993-96. Also hate to see Evan Bourne getting relegated to jobber duty these days and also sad to see the growth of Ted DiBiase being stunted by his constant lack of use on RAW.

    Miz- I really like the guy and want to see him finally cement his place in the main event. He gets over well as a heel but they need to tease him cashing in MITB a little more. You could kill 3 birds with 1 stone where Nexus attacks Orton after a match to soften him up for Barrett, Barrett forces Cena to participate in it, some of the RAW locker room comes out to attack Nexus and Cena, Miz runs out with the briefcase trying to cash it in but in the chaos Orton pops back up ready to hit an RKO, Miz rolls out of the ring screaming for Riley to grab back the case from the timekeeper saying he wasn’t ready or he didn’t use it. That kind of ending to RAW would reestablish Nexus as a dangerous heel faction, further drive a wedge between Cena and the rest of the locker room, heat up the feud between Barrett and Orton and reposition the Miz as a constant threat to cash in MITB at any time.

    Vince I’ll work for half what you pay the current writing and creative team. Have Styles call Apter to get my contact info.

  3. By Man RAW sucks., posted

    RAW sucks and this angle with the talking computer is ridiculous.

    So next week Cena is in another main event? Boring. I bet they give him the belt just because they have the writing skills of 10 year olds.

  4. By ray ray, posted

    As long as they keep going with the GM storyline, as long as they keep pushing Michael no talent Cole on us, as long as they keep the Nexus storyline going, more and more fans will watch less. McMahon, you do not always have the answers, and you are for sure not listening to what the fans like and dont like, because if you did, Michael Cole would be gone and not on RAW and Smackdown. All I can guess is that Cole ie really good at kissing butt or on his knees sucking.

  5. By james, posted

    Raw was great keep up the great work WWE

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