Posted October 11th, 2010 by Bill Apter

Here are the results of TNA’s “BOUND FOR GLORY” results:

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me to retain the TNA World tag team title … Tara won over Velvet Sky in a “Four-Corner Match” to become the new Knockouts Champion … Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal (aka Ink, Inc) won over Eric Young and Orlando Jordan … Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss in a “Monster’s Ball” match … A Handicap match saw Kevin Nash, Sting, and The Pope victorious over Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett … EV2 defeated Fortune … Jeff Hardy is the new TNA World Champion after his defeat of Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson.

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  1. By james, posted

    Hmm lets see here, the only match on this PPV worthy of PPV was Angle VS Anderson. I feel bad for the people who paid for this garbage. THEY hah THEY need to go away and stay away. Nothing compelling here. Another Dump in the TNA toilet. I give it 2 flushes because it clogged my toilet. BYE!!!!

  2. By Jeremy, posted

    Something tells me James is a very lonely guy who sits there by himself just hating everything. Poor kid.

    I though the PPV was well above average. Some great wrestling from MCMG and Generation Me, as well as Angle and Anderson (I hope these two have a recurring rivalry). Great plot twists, and exciting MB match from RVD and Abyss, as well as a Jeff Hardy heel turn (a first, I believe). This is the stuff wrestling is built upon.

    James, go on back and keep telling people there hasn’t been a decent PPV since WM3. I’ll just keep enjoying the show.

  3. By jG, posted

    Hey James your in the minority and than some. The only dump I see is your comments on this site.
    If you don’t like it don’t watch it. They won’t miss you.

  4. By jj, posted

    If you don’t like It just don’t watch it duh, (” go watch your kid show”)

  5. By Kickapoo, posted

    After all these weeks of teasing the they reveal this Is all we got man hogan and bischoff are really killing TNA. Why not a clean finish? You do a excellent job building Angle’s push toward the title only to funk up the finish. How is Fortune made to look weaker than Nexus with the best talent TNA or even wrestling period has to offer as a group. Also with Flair as the leader of a wrestling faction they should dominate not look weak as puppy piss. I’m ok with Tara as knockout champ cause her finisher is sickening. Samoa Joe when your contract is up WWE universe wants you. Stop trying to outdo WWE and do YOU

  6. By HoustonRules, posted

    I understand that the rule is that if the champion cannot defend the title within 30 days, that he must give up the title. However, it seems strange to me that on the night the vacant championship is won, the previous injured champion also wrestles on the same card. As far as I can remember, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that. Perhaps they wanted to give the belt to Hardy without having RVD lose it in the ring?

  7. By Mike, posted

    Interesting point by HoustonRules. I also thought it odd that RVD wrestled on the same PPV, but I guess they can explain that by saying the wheels were set in motion months ago to crown a new champion so it was too late to reverse course, plus they can also say RVD came back far earlier than anyone expected. Also, they can just say they wanted to screw RVD out of the belt.
    As for Kickapoo’s comments, I don’t think Fourtune was made to look weak. I’d say the assist by Kendrick helped some, plus it just showed that EV2 had something left in the tank. I was certain Fourtune would win, which kind of made the match not very exciting till the very end. I like the suprise, and I’m sure everyone considered it an upset, just as I did. Instead of making Fourtune look weak, I’d say the general consensus is that EV2 caught a break and pulled one out of their…hats, and couldn’t do it again if they fought the same match 9 more times. Also, the WWE Universe might want Samoa Joe, but given the way that everything Vince has touched lately has turned to gold…turds, how long do you think it would be before Joe is dancing in the ring with that Woo Woo guy and doing the stinkface? And no, that’s not my idea for a great gimmick, just in case someone only reads the last two lines and goes off on me. I’m just saying I fear that’s what they’d do to Joe in WWE. They have a way of humiliating other organizations’ talent. Case in point: American Dream Dusty Rhodes become Polka Dot dancing fool, Dusty Rhodes.

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