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What did you think of Bound For Glory?

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  1. By lavon, posted

    All I got to say it was an awesome ppv from the beginning I give it a 95 out of an 100. The first match MCMG VS GEN ME was the best of the night no one can top that match though they tried.Womens match was good but definitly not what i’m used to seeing on the ppv form da women should have been 10-15 minutes longer.But hey it was stll an okay match. Ey n OJ vs INK INK pretty good match and I watch it knowing what to expect then I did on Thursday IMPACT.Lethal vs Williams decent X Division match and The shore showing up at the end was the same thing I said need to happen for them to get over as a heel not bored where you want to change the channel.Rvd vs Abyss was a good match was definitly thinking abyss was going to win this match but hey I was shocked when they didn’t show up . I thought the lights was going to turn off and ‘they’ was going to show up but that wasn’t the case.Sting Nash and Dinero vs Jeff n Somoa Joe was okay. Jeff leaving Joe by himself knew then that JJ was going heel hell I miss seeing him with the guitar.Lethal LCKDWN Fortune vs EV2.0 was a bloody good match is it just me or is every body on EV2.0 getting bloody.Team 3d annnouncing they’re retirement was just okay because I haven’t seen them wrestle on Impact in a minute so It was not like it was beer money, Mcmg, or INK INK. Three way for the titlle was okay angle carrear on the line Anderson chance to prove he is a main event player and Hardy letting everybody know he is still can be a champion even though he has court dates comming up.I eliminated Hardy from getting the title due to his upcomming court dates. I thought ANGLE would retire as a wrestler but maybe be the commisioner or an ambassodor fot TNA in an on air role. Once i realized ”THEY” wasn’t old WWE stars I thoug it would be Anderson Jarrett and Abyss didn’t see Hogan showing up. I hope they don’t take the title away from Hardy so quickly. So over all the PPv lived up best match of the night MCMG VS GEN ME and that one match was worth the whole 29.95 for the PPV.I’M SO GLAD Dixie didn’t bring no outside people in to be they. She has the perfect roster.

  2. By Greg, posted

    Thought BFG was a solid PPV. Not all the combos are great (the Pope Nash and Sting?) As far as the big shock ending, cool heel turn for Hardy but the stable is unusual. Hopefully they’ll explain it better on Impact which will make the stable a lot better. Just wouldn’t have pegged abyss in the stable since they turned him back into the unstoppable monster..figured he would get a big push to main event or feud with RVD more. I guess I understood what they were doing with Nash and Sting, they were right about Hogan/Bischoff even though we were suckered thinking they were the bad guys. Hopefully the new events have some positive impact for TNA

  3. By GiL-D, posted

    Wow. 10/10. Great ppv. I haven’t ordered a ppv since Wrestlemania. This was my first time ever ordering a TNA ppv. Or even Watching a full TNA program, and wow amazing. Wwe isn’t doing there thing so I gave these guys a chance, now I’m a fan.
    Best Match- Motor City Vs Gen Me.
    Worst Match- Inc ink vs Jordan & young
    But, amazing got the rest, knockouts are better than divas, angle got screwed there. Crazy stuff,
    Lethal lockdown was ok. RVD!! THE WHOLE F’N SHOW!! Wwe needs to step up.

  4. By james, posted

    Who could possibly like this garbage? Let alone pay for it. Gee whiz WWE is so much better right now. They they story line is stupid. The tag titles are diminished. At least a real womens wrestler won last night and NOT EYE CANDY!!! I am tired of beatiful people were is kong and odb? Were is the 6 sided ring? Everything good about TNA is gone. 2010 was a VERY BAD YEAR FOR TNA. I as a fan am severely dissapointed in TNA for selling out to the hardcore blood thirsty freak fans. ECW is dead people, WCW is dead people. Lets move on. TNA was headed in a positive direction until BIshlap and hogan showed up!!!! Dixie Carter why did you destroy something so good? Something my young son could watch and not be afraid of. Granted WWE may at times have corny story and squash matches but i know WWE wont mortify a child into therapy. Think about that parents wrestling does not have to be that violent. If you crave blood and enjoy the suffering of another human then get help. PEACE SUCKAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. By Brad, posted

    And Bishoff and Hogan taking over is supposed to shake the wrestling world to its foundation? This was the Great Surprise? This was going to revolutionize the wrestling world? This is going to change how the wrestling world operates? What a hose job. NOTHING CHANGED, it was this way on 10/09/10. The PPV was good but they really brought it down by their surprise. TNA has dug their hole very deep.

    TNA have shot themselves in the foot yet again as I knew they would. And to make matters worse I paid $10 for the webcast and they didn’t have the intelligence to post that they had canceled it. I know that I am supposed to get a refund, but damn TNA I was trying to log on for 35 min after it started. You could have posted on the “On Demand Player page” that you WERE NOT GOING TO SHOW IT. This is just another reason why TNA is failing, nobody will clearly take a stand. Why do you think Vince is SO damn successful? He makes a decision and goes with it.

    TNA, Dixie, Jeff, and whoever else is in charge there, this is your “Wrestlemania” and you can ONLY draw @ 2500 to the show and probably 1000 of them were free? Do you realize that more people in attendance at any Wrestlemania took a crap during the main event than even attended your show? You have been around 8 1/2 years now and had lots of time to build up for it, you have many of the best wrestlers in the USA including the #1 in the world, and this show is in the hotbed of wrestling Florida, and this is the best you can draw? My advise to you would be declare bankruptcy or sell it to Shane or Vince because you surely cant run it! 8 of 10 before “They” were revealed 3 of 10 after.

  6. By Jimmy, posted

    It was so obvious the Hogan and Bischoff where them, the only surprise is Hardy, my guess was Angle to be apart of them. Typical Bischoff move. Soon to come Sting and Nash were also in on it and will reveal themselves as such.

  7. By John, posted

    Excellent, excellent PPV! TNA PPVs are usually under-par, but BFG definitely rocked. For me, the best thing about this show was the entrance stage! Very nice work with the huge LED screens that raised to reveal TNA’s signature white lights for the entrances. EVERYONE knew that at least Bischoff, if not he and Hogan would be “They,” HOWEVER nobody expected Hardy to be in on it and Jarrett was kind of a surprise as well. I read on the dirt sheets that Mickie James was being a little demanding backstage involving her ref shirt, but I don’t believe it for a second. She said herself the she’s so glad and excited to be back. I think the last thing she wants to be is difficult. Just people stirring up undeserved trouble. Great job TNA, now keep it going into impact!

  8. By Rob79, posted

    Enjoyed the PPV.

  9. By Andrew, posted

    Tna ppv still sucks. I happy that I didn’t pay for this crap fest that tna put on again. Give me wwe raw please. 1/10 tna ppv

  10. By lavon, posted

    ‘they’ were not old wwe suoerstars brad you should be happy TNA did the right thing by having ” they” be inside people I just hope that JJ bring out his guitar now dam I miss him bringing out his guitar

  11. By Justin, posted

    I just read the results of the PPV and I am not suprised. What I AM suprised by is the lack of entertaining content by both TNA and WWE. They are both predictable, boring, and could care less what the fans think about their shows. If this keeps up, MMA will be the only Sports Entertainment game in town.

  12. By lavon, posted

    it wasn’t predictable no one could predict that jeff hardy would be part of they. And that kurt angle would be fired. If tna n wwe is so predictable who is the raw gm what will the final resolution main event be?
    predict that.when will the miz cash in his mitb briefcase i want dates.

  13. By madder, posted

    Are you serious Really!! Another WCW NWO Order Staged by Hulk hogan and Eric bischoff It is so Hilarious that People are actually liking it , All I can figure is that they have never Rented the DVD’s Of WCW Wrestling TNA Totally NOT Anything new Great Job Hogan and Bischoff for Rehashing and Blowing the Dust off your old Scripts , I will stick with WWE Anytime . HA Ha Ha Ha Ha TNA Marks !!!

  14. By Frank, posted

    The PPV was excellent until the end. Hogan and Bischoff revealed as “them” with the lame, staged throwing garbage into the ring – terrible. They tried to recreate the Hogan NWO heel turn but it was a total fail.

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