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What did you think of iMPACT!? (October 7)

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  1. By james, posted

    First off, I cant believe TNA rehashed Flair and Foley. that was a disater in wwe why do it here. The abyss story is stupid. Really liked Jay Lethal’s piece about his childhood. That jersey shore crap was a waste of my time. Another thing about the show i did like is the introduction of Mickey James to TNA and a possible feud with Tara. YAY real womens wrestling not stupid eye candy. the battle royal was so so i liked the end with Angle and Anderson. Can somebody tell me whats up with Orlando & EY?? i dont get it. TNA needs help and medication. BYE

  2. By Jimmy, posted

    WWE is still spinning out of the G rated control, this is TNA’s chance to take over top gun but last nights episode is clearly not going to cut it. It all seems like a script I’ve seen before back in the old WCW, WWF and AWA days. I would love to see something original and not revised retread story lines.

  3. By Cliff May, posted

    I liked the show but I’m used to watching TNA Impact with a bigger amount of fast and technical wrestling. There was other things that filled up some of the 2 hour program like Eric Young doing funny stuff, the Abyss and Dixie Carter thing, RVD on the mic with Bischoff, Bischoff on the mic with Sting, Nash, and Pope, and the Foley/Flair match.

    Stevie Richards is portrayed as someone who trains hard and he obviously puts in time at the gym. I’d like to see him in full matches with pin fall finishes with other wrestlers like Pope, Anderson, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, and more.

    I’m glad to see Mickie James in TNA. And I’m thankful that Taz puts her over saying she has a lot of credibility. It’s like saying her accomplishments in the WWE has credibility, which is a classy thing to do. I like that better than when Eric Bischoff had Alundra Blaze put the WWE Women’s title in a trash can years ago on a Nitro program.

    Just thought Impact was a little slower paced than usual. I hope it will be back to how it usually is next week.

  4. By Archangel, posted

    That Flair/Foley match was incredible and definitely pay-per-view quality!! The beginning of the show was kinda stupid and Dixie needs to stay in the office and not get involved with any storyline angles please. Vince McMahon has worn that out!!! Overall it was a good show and not as stale as the WWE.

  5. By lavon, posted

    Live TNA IMPACT!! was 70% great took 10% off for da shore segment really suck was hoping some good guy like amazing red would have been in the ring and they interupted him or lethal was in the ring and they interupted him rather then they impersonate a show we dont watch shore come on at 10 pm on thursday impact is still on at 10. i took away another 10% because here in the us we don’t get explosion any more so y did tna put ey in oj on impact when they was on explosion 3 days into a ppv n da last 10% was it was suppose to be 45 second another entry it was almost 3 mts before rvd came out but really dixie said every member at the ppv i didn’t see oj ey ink ink or the knock outs. i love tna hate wwe but a 70 is still a passing grade to me. reaction i couldn’t finish just cause 1 i was tired n two it was like a recap n three i needed it was like watching a movie then watching how they made the movie i would rather reaction come on the next day in the morning if it isnt going to be live.

  6. By Brad, posted

    Lavon or whatever your name is. I got a headache reading your scratchings. Please ask an adult for help when you post. How old are you?
    It was a very good show for TNA. Dump the “Shore” thing. Wait if you put them with Orlando you might create some magic. Please send Eric Young away for a long while. He has been saddled with so many lame gimmicks that he is painful to watch, OR put him in a Speedo as part of “Shore”. Where is The Disco Inferno when you need him? He could challenge “Shore”. I like it.
    Foley/Flair was gold. What can you say about battle royals? They are ALL boring. Good to see Mickey James again. 8 of 10

  7. By lavon, posted

    hey brad scratching 1 thing to say lol. what i was saying is you can’t put eric young and orlando jordan on Impact if they are already deep in to a story line on explosion especially three days in to a ppv. Second thing is if Shore would have came out with say an amazing red in the ring or desmond wolfe and interupted them it might have been a better segment i guarantee next week on impact they come out when some one else is already in the ring or some one interupts them guarentee it. Third it was supoose to be all the people fighting for the 100 grand what happen to the knockouts and why did it take RVD more than 45 seconds to come out. And Brad alot of people may not like battle royales but WWE one of their top 5 PPVs is royal rumble which usualy last more than an hr.And that is why i gave TNA IMPACT a 70 out of 100. Scratch on that.% signs must have confused you its okay i will pray for you.oh yeah Michael cole is the GM

  8. By Cliff May, posted

    The Shore guy reminded me of Zack Ryder. It woulda been nice to see Abyss do the Black Hole Slam on him.

  9. By Brad, posted

    Lavon, How old are you? Please be a man if you are able)and answer this question.

  10. By lavon, posted

    Brad seriously though you have to admit TNA IMPACT was a 70 out of an 100 just for those three thing I said dont get your panties in a bunch. And as for my age. You can say i’m old enough.BFG on tonight who do you think they is? I’m thinking the leader of they is Surge Dixie Carter husband which won’t be revealed tonight. Big popa pump, BOOKER T, Batista,Goldberg,and Carlito seem like a good choice to me and they’re Temp leader Shane Mc Mahon

  11. By harold, posted

    it was good to all yall hatters

  12. By lavon, posted

    I’M really happy ”they” wasn’t old WWE stars it lets us know Dixie is really happy with the roster she has and I couldn’t agree with her more.TNA needs to start building a great story that is going to be for yaers to come starting now.

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