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NWA Anarchy Results for October 2


1) One half of the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions Billy Buck defeated Matt Sells via pinfall after the superkick.

2) Stryknyn (with Reverend Dan Wilson) defeated Antoine Jordan via pinfall after the DDT.

- Jerry Palmer conducted a roundtable discussion with New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) and Talent & Money (JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton with Jeff G. Bailey) in an attempt to bring some resolution to this bitter war that’s spiraling out of control (both teams were returning from the suspension that resulted from the brawl on September 4). Palmer said neither team could put their hands on one another until their next sanctioned match, or they would all be fired from NWA Anarchy.

Palmer started with Talent, since this all seemed to start when he made his return. Palmer asked Talent why he was so bitter. Talent lamented that thanks to New Wave and the wild series of matches they had against T&M in 2009, he was left with medical issues that threaten to end his career. He said while New Wave were traveling around the country to various NWA affiliates, he had to watch his partner achieve singles success and have a needle injected into his spine so he could get out of bed in the morning, and is left facing a possible career ending back surgery before the age of 30.

Walters retaliated stating that Talent & Money started the whole war in early 2009 when New Wave were tag team champions. He stated T&M were jealous of New Wave holding the gold, and instead of earning a title shot by climbing their way to the top, they chose to get New Wave’s attention by jumping them from behind and leaving them laying in giant pools of their own blood. Walters said New Wave were competitors and they never intended on ending a man’s career, but T&M started the war and they finished it the only way they knew how. Talent responded by stating that since one way or another he’s going to end up on an operating table, Talent & Money are going to see to it that New Wave end up on a slab. At this point, the confrontation escalated, as Pendleton flipped over the conference table and both teams stood face to face. It was clear they wanted to fight, but given Palmer’s stipulation they couldn’t lay hands on one another. Palmer stated that they two teams would meet to settle this war once and for all in a showdown two years in the making at Fright Night 2010.

3) NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Mikal Judas (with Cid Istic) defeated Jacob Ashworth via pinfall after the Crucifijo. Judas & Istic continued the assault postmatch. They called out Tank. Palmer came out and said that since Tank pinned Judas at the Benefactor Cup, he was now the #1 contender for the Heavyweight Title and that match would take place at Fright Night.

4) Skirra Corvus & Orion Bishop defeated Youth Gone Wild (Dustin Knight & Anthony Henry) via pinfall after Corvus hit the Graveyard Shift on Knight. Despite another strong showing, YGW were unable to overcome the rage of the former tag team champions just two weeks after losing the belts to Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck in a major shocker at The Benefactor Cup Tournament.

- Break-

5) One half of the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions Andrew Alexander defeated Truck via pinfall (with a little help from a handful of tights).

Afterwards, Buck confronted Alexander backstage about his need to cheat when he had his man clearly defeated. Alexander responded that he’ll do anything to win. It was clear that the new champions are far from being on the same page.

Wilson and Stryknyn were interviewed by Greg Hunter. They said Dany Only wasn’t there because he’d overindulged during their two week long celebration following their victory in the Mysterious Benefactor Memorial Tag Team Cup. Wilson stated that Only was doing okay though, and they had a couple Pink Pony specials taking nice care of Only back at the hotel, and when The Hate Junkies returned to tag team competition, they would continue to be successful. Wilson said the celebration was now over and it was time to get re-focused. He said the Junkies were coming after Alexander & Buck (who they defeated in the Mysterious Benefactor finals). Youth Gone Wild (Dustin Knight & Anthony Henry) interrupted and stated that Junkies cheated their way through YGW and Lane Vasser & Slim J, and then took advantage of Alexander & Buck right after they’d fought a grueling match to win the titles. Henry said that before the Junkies looked toward the titles, YWG would fight them any time and any place, as long as they took a bath first. The Junkies were incensed as YGW made their exit.

6) New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) defeated A.R. Fox & Jacoby Boykins via pinfall after hitting The Bailout (Talent & Money’s finishing move) – a clear message to their bitter enemies.

7) Shadow Jackson defeated Nation via pinfall after hitting the 1031. Newcomer Nation had an impressive debut outing against Anarchy’s “People’s Champion” and most popular star and garnered an immediate crowd reaction, which isn’t easy against the discerning Anarchy faithful. He’s definitely a future star to watch.

Postmatch, Jackson said that had it not have been for a technicality, he’d be standing there as the NWA National Heavyweight Champion and nobody could take away the fact that he pinned Phil Shatter’s shoulders to the mat, 1-2-3. This evoked a response from Shatter’s manager, Bailey who claimed Jackson had struck the referee because he was so frightened of what would happen if the match continued, that he had no choice but to take the coward’s way out. Bailey said Jackson was living in a fantasy world if he actually convinced himself he pinned Shatter. This turned into an incredibly entertaining back and forth of verbal jabs between two of Anarchy’s finest verbalizers. It was cut short, however, when Talent & Money jumped Jackson from behind and put the boots to him. That prompted New Wave to make the save. NWA Elite (Talent & Money & Shatter) vs. New Wave & Jackson was announced as the main event for October 16.

8) Shaun Tempers & Bo Newsom & NWA Anarchy TV Champion Seth Delay defeated Brodie Ray Chase & Slim J & Lane Vasser via pinfall. Some great technical wrestling, some fighting and some down and dirty in this main event bout, along with a lot of bad blood given the issues building between the participants. Match broke down at about the 11 minute mark when Tempers & Newsom perpetrated a heinous attack on the young Vasser outside the ring, wrapping his arm around the ring post and repeatedly dismantling it. (Vasser appeared to have sustained an injury here; early speculations indicate a bruised or possibly torn bicep). While this was going on,Slim had Delay’s number in the ring, but once he noticed his student’s dire straights, Slim tried to come to Vasser’s aid, and that mistake was all the TV champion needed to sneak out the surprise pinfall.

Notes: So far for Fright Night 2010, we know it will be Judas vs. Tank for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title; New Wave vs. Talent & Money (Anarchy officials are contemplating an appropriate stipulation); and plenty of other matches unconfirmed, but if things continue down the path they are on, you can make the obvious assumptions.


#485 – Malachi

#470 – Mike Posey

#459 – Corey Hollis
#435 – Slim J
#396 – Orion Bishop

#385 – Tank
#365 – Caprice Coleman
#361 – Jeremy Vain
#351 – Truitt Fields
#345 – Kimo
#318 – Shaun Tempers

#308 – Aden Chambers
#292 – Ace Rockwell
#285 – Shadow Jackson

#153 – Mikael Judas

#97 – Phill Shatter

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