Posted October 3rd, 2010 by Bill Apter

UNDERTAKER LOST when Paul Bearer turned against him and helped lead Kane to victory! A chokeslam followed by a pin saw Kane RETAIN the World title.

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  1. By Darius, posted

    This makes sense, because in the storylines, the Undertaker buried Paul Bearer in concrete, and Bearer is Kanes father. Actually, this outcome made too much sense, and was easy to predict.

  2. By simonsebs, posted

    Honestly, I saw that coming.

  3. By michael s., posted

    i saw this coming at the beginning of the match when paul wanted to be inside of the cell during the match but taker had him go outside

  4. By Jdekett, posted

    I seen this coming being it was Taker that “killed” Paul in the first place when he buried him in concrete

  5. By Chuck, posted

    YEah, seen that coming, but hope this does not drag out too much longer for we have already been down this road. I think this is leading to the retirement of both Kane & Taker.

  6. By Brian, posted

    This is probably the best written and executed storyline the WWE has had in years. It shows some respect for the fans as the WWE embraces the past history between the Undertaker and Kane (whereas usually they gloss over the past and only focus on the last 6 months as if the fans are idiots), it reverses the roles of dominant and weaker brother, it brings Paul Bearer and the urn back into the mix (2 crucial elements of the Undertaker mythos) and they are able to keep building the feud on to at least another ppv. You don’t know what to expect next. Will they bring back Ted DiBiase or Brother Love? What match will finally end the feud: casket match or buried alive? This is the kind of captivating tv that keeps fans tuning in week after week.

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