Posted October 3rd, 2010 by Bill Apter

JOHN CENA LOST to Wade Barrett due to “mysterious interference” (a “fan” and someone using a 2X4). Cena must now join the Nexus!

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  1. By Evan mccloskey, posted

    John cena will never lose your a lier

  2. By james, posted

    sorry but it’s true. He lost. He now has to join nexus

  3. By Downunder Inferno, posted

    Cena was always going to lose this match…They teased him joing nexus once before so they were never going to let it be a tease the second time around. Plus the bragging rights poster has the nexus N in it…Now the fun begins…The WWE have been wanting to turn Cena heel for awhile now but Vince has always said no…now he is in nexus it is an easier transition to heel. The old Cena will be back by wrestlemania….

  4. By Pathetic, posted

    Wow, they finally had Cena lose and it seems that the WWE world is listening to their fanbase by having Cena join Nexus.

    Now they should have Cena play like he does not like being there for a bit, build up a younger talent and then think Cena is going to help him win the title and Cena make a heel turn complete. Great stuff and will lead to better ratings and some interest in their product.

  5. By Richard, posted

    Cena joining Nexus was the only thing that made sense.

    The big question is will he be a loyal Nexus follower though???

  6. By Brian, posted

    The question is does Cena fully embrace being a heel or is he going to be a reluctant one? It would be a good swerve if for the next few weeks he is reluctant and forced to do what Barrett tells him and then in a crucial match (possibly a title match where Barrett is facing Orton) where Cena clearly has a choice he turns full fledged heel and wins Barrett the title.

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