Posted September 30th, 2010 by Bill Apter

As I sit here at home watching TNA iMPACT, I find myself re-running the nearly 10-minute (or a bit longer) face-to-face interview in the ring with Ric Flair and Mick Foley.

In these days of scripted interviews, this was a non-scripted delight. You could tell how each of them worked off the other, trying to get the upper verbal hand. Certainly they knew where they had to wind up — plugging their live match next Thursday which will be a “Last Man Standing” battle on iMPACT. The spontaneity was incredible.

I would love to see the WWE unelash the same opportunity to wrestlers (okay, “sports entertainers”) like Edge, Chris Jericho, and others who could do this so well. Give them and idea — like in the “old days” and a timeframe — and where it has to lead to — and let them go!

Flair and Foley — two masters who made WRESTLING fans proud tonight!


  1. By john, posted

    AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. By Cliff May, posted

    Sure beats comedy bits with Hornswoggle and Theodore Long

  3. By Cuban, posted

    that in-ring promo was F’ing great

  4. By Darius, posted

    I just loved the Flair and Foley segment. Spontaneous, just like the good old days.

  5. By Doug M., posted

    What? We don’t like the cut scenes where people act things out like they don’t realize the camera is in the room?

    TNA is a breath of fresh air.

    Now, the word A$$hole is a little over used, and defiantly forced at times. They could back off that a bit.

  6. By Brian, posted

    It was a throwback to the way promos used to be done. Now granted not everyone has that kind of talent but the only way to find out is to let guys cut loose on the mic. Just give them the main topic they are trying to drive home and a time limit and send them out there. If you failed at it you usually got a manager back in the day but if you had that special something you were gold and could spark the interest of the fans in a way that just having a match could never do. Now sadly everyone has to read verbatim from a poorly devised script that allows zero emotion and zero charisma. How are you supposed to become emotionally invested in a wrestler when they all sound the same? Segment ran a little long last night but Foley and Flair showed how you cut a promo. WWE might be loosening the reigns as well since on RAW they let Jericho go into one of his classic style rants before his match with Orton and it was pure genius. Hopefully both companies take the handcuffs off these guys and let them speak.

  7. By matthew, posted

    Bill, it was awful, self indulgent garbage. It wasnt progressive, ive seen it all before..and read the book…All that time could have been spent watching some MCMG’s or giving the youth a chance. I’m all for unscripted interviews, but that was just long winded re hashed tripe from about 8 years ago (I’m being generous there). All we are saying is give kids a chance!!!!

  8. By ross, posted

    i agree that the wrestlers should be
    allowed to speak from the heart it makes what they are saying so much believable ( vinnie mac i hope your reading this and letting what iam saying sink in your ego inflated head!)i reallt want to know is here genuine heat between flair and foley?and where and what started this hate/respect?
    and further more what’s the deal with flair cursing on t.v and it not being bleeped out? gee i always thought language wasn’t allowed at any time. somebody really dropped the ball on that one! keep up the good work

  9. By grossepointer, posted

    Ross…all started in 89/90 when Flair was booking WCW. He was not a fan of Foley and decided he was not drawing the crowd (which he was). This ultimately led to Foley being let go because of Flairs’ influence and comments made to the higher ups. WCW’s loss became Japans , ECW’s, and eventually WWF’s
    winfall. Promo was legit as they do have some serious heat between them. They will use this to make for a long overdue match…look for Flair to put Foley over big.

  10. By grossepointer, posted

    the best ad lib promos have to be Pipers. The man has the ability to work with any ideas thrown at him. the best had to be in 83/84 when he was fueding with Buzz Sawyer in NWA Mid-Atlantic just after his face turn.
    Promo was for a dog collar match, which did not happen, although Pipers’ promo, done with
    George Thorogoods’ Bad To The Bone in the background is awesome. if you can find it somewhere, watch it, it is classic

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