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NXT Season Three — Episode Four

NXT is just a week away from their first cut. This was the Diva-wanna-be’s last chance to impress the fans.

NXT opened with a look back at Musical Chairs (yes, I’m serious). The Diva Challenge was “won” by A.J. Whatever. The second Challenge was a Talk the Talk fiasco. It was absolutely horrible. A.J. won that mess too.

Roll the Opening Montage.

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews argued about announcing duties as the show opened. Matt STriker brought out the Rookies. Striker said fans could vote on WWE.com for which Diva they wanted to stay. (No, you can’t vote them ALL off the island). Striker offered the first challenge…the Wheelbarrow Challenge. The Divas would have to push a wheelbarrow filled with…Hornswoggle. Oh, yeah, the show just keeps reaching new heights. (Sarcasm drips).

Maxine’s Time: 14.7 Seconds (Hornswoggle bit her on her cute little butt after she dumped him over in the wheelbarrow).

Naomi’s Time: 15.2 Seconds

Jamie’s Time: 14.4 Seconds (New Leader)

Kaitlyn’s Time: 12.0 Seconds (New Leader)

A.J.’s Time: 17.7 Seconds

Aksana’s Time: 13.9 Seconds

Your Winner: Kaitlyn

Grade: D- (60%)

This Week in WWE History was up next. on 09/22/1997, Raw was live from Madison Square Garden. Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) battled Triple H. Plus, Stone Cold Steve Austin hit a Stunner on Mr. McMahon with the “Stunner heard around the world”. Austin was arrested, on the spot. Hmmm…another Foley mention.

NXT ran a promo for A.J. She so reminds me of a young Mickie James. Cute and Perky. A.J. talked about how tough it was growing up. She talked about going to Wrestlemania. The seats were horrible but it sparked her desire to make it into a WWE ring.

It was time for the Raw Rebound. It focused on Jericho v Orton, from Monday. Orton destroyed Jericho, after the match, with a vicious Punt to the head. Jericho may well be gone from the WWE. Guess we will all have to go out and get the new Jericho 3-DVD set (was going to get it today but I picked up Legendary and Iron Man 2, instead….maybe tomorrow).

It was announced that this was the final SyFy edition of NXT. Yep, they are off the Twilight Zone Network. It will be exclusively on WWE.com.

NXT ran a promo for Kaitlyn.

NXT looked at the return of Paul Bearer on Smackdown.

Are the women going to wrestle…at all?

Nope, I guess not. Now it was time for a whole lot of Trash Talking by the women. It was a Diss the Diva contest. Good grief.

Aksana bragged on how good she looked. Aksana kept talking in third person. She said the women Aksana said all them “wanna be like Aksana”.

A.J. refused to talk crap about the women. A.J. wanted to redefine the Diva look.

Kaitlyn took the stick and did a bad impression of Naomi. Naomi kicked her in the butt and she fell on her face.

Jamie took over and said Aksana looked like she needed to be in a circus. She said A.J. looked and acted like a 10-year old.

Naomi took the mic, next. Naomi said she was there to wrestleNaomi got in Kaitlyn’s face only to end up with Kaitlyn’s butt directed at her.

Maxine was tired of the same old Diva image. A.J. and Kaitlyn played behind Maxine’s back to distract the crowd. Yawn.

The crowd voted the winner…A.J. It was really close between her and Naomi. Vickie Guerrero interrupted the show. Vickie went off on Kaitlyn for not making it to Vickie’s level. Kaitlyn stood her ground and said she was time to be brought down. Kaitlyn challenged Vickie to a match. Vickie was amused and confused by the challenge. Vickie accepted the challenge, for next week, on WWE.com. Vickie with the B-Slap. Kaitlyn took down Vickie and we came close to actual wrestling on this train wreck of a show.

Cole and Josh pushed again that NXT would move to WWE.com.

Show Grade: F- (10%)


–Jay Shannon


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