Posted September 25th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

Jay Lethal defeated Amazing Red in Rahway NJ tonight to recapture the TNA X Division Title.  Red had defeated Lethal on Thursday at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.


  1. By Slick Rick Jr, posted

    Trying to create some buzz about Lethal? Have him lose it and then regain the belt in his home state? I don’t know what to think about this one. I’m a big fan of belts changing hands at house shows, because as a fan when you go to some 3000 seat arena and watch a title match, you KNOW the belt isn’t going to change hands. Maybe TNA is doing this to make the fans realize that they may see a new Champion crowned without having to watch Impact. But what I’m NOT a fan of is belts quickly changing hands. Lethal needs to hold the strap for a month or two AT LEAST, and then afterwards give him another push toward the big one.

  2. By demetrius moore, posted

    Good job TNA glad put the x title back with Jay.If they could just wake up and stop pumping money into that waste of space Hulk Hogan and his buddies,the company might have a bright future.I think in the last few years wrestling has really gotten stale, I remember growing up and really being emotionally attached to the stars. Case in point i remember crying as a kid when the four horsemen jumped Dusty Rhodes in a parking lot and broke his arm,that ability that Dusty had to make you care about him very few wrestlers have today.Most of the time we see a wrestler get a huge push for a few months now, then he becomes a stepping stone for other wrestlers.I hope that the powers that be sit back and take a serious look at the sport and work on there development skills, and produce stars that we care about, not anti hero’s. I would also like to see one of the big two sign Sid Justice, the guy is in great shape and has made a full recovery, and is one of the few big men in the sport that can bring good tickets sales no to mention merchandise sales, ask the WWE they know. But i really feel he is being over looked while you have guys like Scott Hall who is a total screw up, but can land a contract and miss have the shows he’s booked for.

  3. By Cliff May, posted

    I like it when two wrestlers are exchanging wins. Both benefit from it. But I don’t like it when a championship title is involved.

  4. By Ron, posted

    Demetrius, you are right. Why doesn’t TNA sign Sid? Unfortunately Sid is probably not tight with Nash, that is why. I do wish they would sign Sid.

  5. By David, posted

    For the people who are unaware, this is the first time TNA has visited New Jersey. Jay Lethal is from Elizabeth, NJ. This Rahway, NJ house show is only two towns away. I attended this event. He wanted to win the belt in front of this family to see how far he’s come in the wrestling business. That’s why he dropped the title at the Hammerstein, the day before.

  6. By harold, posted

    tna is number 1

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