Posted September 23rd, 2010 by Bob Ryder

Amazing Red defeated Jay Lethal to capture the TNA X Division title tonight at TNA’s live event at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

TNAWrestling.com has posted photos from the match.  To view the photos, click here

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  1. By demetrius moore, posted

    Thats a bunch of crap!! Jay works his behind off week after week, to be defeated only a few week after winning x title by red who in my opinon is a part time tna employee. Thats the problem with the wrestling industry anymore the writers dont care what the fans want they just pull ideas out of there behind and expect us to follow them and spend our hard earned money on the crap the present. Well for me this is the final straw the major brands dont care so niether will I from now on I am only following Nwa wrestling at least there the fan still has a say so in the product. And Tna please get rid of Hogan before he destroys another promotion!!

  2. By Slick Rick Jr, posted

    I agree that he shouldn’t have lost the belt. Isn’t he from New Jersey? Why have him wrestle so close to home only to lose the title? For him to lose it at a live event, it makes me wonder if there isn’t some reason behind it, whether it’s injury or disciplinary.

  3. By Mike, posted

    I have no problem with Red winning the X-Division title. I think he got screwed out of it when Doug Williams took it from him in the first place. Although I do feel bad for Jay Lethal losing the belt so quickly. I think it would have been better for Williams to drop it to Red, but then again Red won’t be seen as a viable oppoenent to go against Four-tune, and he’d surely be in their crosshairs if he took the belt from Williams. Taking it from Lethal doesn’t bring that problem, and also allows Lethal to either go against Fortune or make a world title run. Interestingly enough, it reminds me of the short I-C title run the “Macho Man” had before going after the WWF heavyweight title; so maybe Lethal is being primed for a mega-push?

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