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The Pro Wrestling Destination 1st Anniversary Show Recap

On Friday night, September 17, 2010, Pro Wrestling Destination celebrated their first anniversary with a great show that had the crowd at full tilt from start to finish. The crowd was one of the largest that the young company has seen. Other promotions, including PWD’s biggest local rival, sent representatives to see just how good PWD is. I was there with my wife, two daughters, two of my three grandsons and my daughter’s boyfriend. We sat up on the bleachers to watch a mix of new kids, established local talent, veterans and the hottest new tag team in the industry. Let’s run down all the fun and excitement.

The voice of PWD, Challon, came out to welcome all of us to the show. She explained to the crowd that PWD is a family-friendly business and asked that we don’t use profanity and respect others around us. That always come across as a classy request. She sang the National Anthem to a good reaction. Challon is recovering from heart surgery and it was nice to see the young lady there to spread her bubbly enthusiasm to the crowd.

Challon then had to apologize to the crowd for a change in the card. The champion, Frank Lee Gorgeous, had told PWD’s Championship Committee that he would be unable to defend his PWD World Championship due to an arm injury. “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine, who was due to fight Frank in a Ladder Match, rushed to the ring and suggested that Frank’s injury was a work, just so Frank would be able to weasel out of the title match. A loud “Wea-sel” chant rang out. Dustin demanded that Frank Lee Gorgeous come to the ring and explain his actions.

Frank Lee Gorgeous came out, arm in a sling. Gorgeous brought out his manager, Funky Brewster, and his lawyer, Lou Goldstein. Gorgeous produced a note from his doctor (some of the fans starting yelling “Epstein”, a reference to the Juan Epstein character from the old TV show, Welcome Back, Kotter, who always seemed to have a note to get out of something he didn’t want to do). Goldstein then explained to Dustin and the crowd that by the by-laws of PWD’s charter, if a wrestler can present proof of a legit injury, they could not be forced to defend their title. The crowd didn’t buy Frank’s supposed injury. A little kid near me yelled out “Get him a band-aid for his boo-boo and make him wrestle”.

Dustin explained to Gorgeous, Funky and Goldstein that the title defense could be rescheduled to the next show (October 23rd) but if Frank tried to weasel out of the next title defense, Frank would be stripped of the PWD title. The crowd cheered wildly at that idea. Dustin grinned as he revealed another little surprise to Gorgeous’ little group. He explained to Frank that they had signed a contract to wrestle in the ring. Frank grumbled that he was injured. Dustin acknowledged that while Frank was “hurt”, there was another member of his group that was not. The crowd started chanting “Cookie Monster”, a reference to Funky Brewster (who wears a very bright blue suit). Dustin loved the nickname and used it repeatedly to talk about Funky. Dustin explained that the Reno Rumble was one person short. Since Frank was unable to compete, Funky Brewster would have to work the Mixed Battle Royal that served as one-half of the Double Main Event. The crowd was thrilled with the announcement but Gorgeous and, especially, Funky were both angered and shocked. Dustin decided to hang out at ringside to watch over the events of the evening.

Match #1 — Black Tiger v Raiders Mysterio

These were a couple of the new kids on the PWD Roster. Raiders is a huge fan of Rey Mysterio and based his character, loosely, on the San Diego, CA native. The battle of masked men saw a ton of high risk moves. Mysterio tried to hit a 6.1.9. but it was blocked. After a hard fought, high-flying match, Raiders won it with a La Magistral Cradle.

Your Winner: Raiders Mysterio

Match #2 — Mother Truckin’ Otis v Mimic v Vinny Poochanelli
Silver State Championship Match

Otis was the defending champion and his two opponents did their best to double team him, constantly. Otis’ superior size helped him fight back to lay out Mimic and Vinny, several times over. Mimic kept trying to follow Otis’ and Vinny’s moves during the match. In one of the funniest moments of the night, Otis hit a Running Splash in the corner on Vinny. Mimic begged to do the same. Otis let him. Mimic was thrilled, Vinny not so much. Otis then hit a second Corner Splash on Vinny. When Mimic asked to do the same, Otis let Mimic start running towards the corner. Otis then followed about three steps behind Mimic. Mimic Splashed Vinny and Otis Splashed them both. Otis seemed to have the match won after hitting the Truck Stop Flop on Mimic. However, Vinny came over the ropes and hit a modified X-Factor Facebuster to become the new Silver State champ.

Your Winner (and New Silver State Champion): Vinny Poochanelli

Match #3 — Buggy Nova v Vikki Vanity (w/Funky Brewster)
Number One Contender’s Match

This was the match that my grandsons were waiting to see. I admit I was cheering for Buggy, since she is one of my Facebook friends. After suffering through NXT, earlier in the week, it was really nice to see a couple of ladies that could work inside (and outside) the ring. The fans were totally behind Buggy in this battle. Buggy got a huge cheer when she Monkey Flipped Vikki across the ring. The two women ended up on the floor and the sounds of their shots echoed all over the Neil Road Rec Center. When they got back in the ring, Vikki hit a sharp Suplex and followed up with the Curb Stomp. Buggy fought back and stunned Vikki with a Middle Rope Crossbody. Buggy then rocked Vikki with a hard Clothesline. Buggy started back up the ropes but got surprised by a Handspring Hurancanrana from Vikki. The end came when Buggy planted Vikki with her Buggy Ride Bulldog. A fantastic match that all but stole the show. Kudos to both lovely ladies for a job well done.

Your Winner: Buggy Nova

After the match, Vikki lost her cool and attacked Buggy. Dustin and Ricky (one of the ring crew) helped Buggy to the back.

Match #4 — “Money” Mike Rayne v Landon Ramos

These are two of the hottest young guys in the area. Their match was a mix of mat-based action and high-flying moves. Landon opened up things with a high Dropkick. Mike came back with a serious beatdown. Landon surprised Mike with a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. Landon danced around as the girls cheered (including my daughters). Mike rebounded with a Scoop Slam and a Gunshot-loud Open Hand Slap. Landon went into a flurry of moves that included a Rolling Leg Lariat, a Faceplant and Top Rope Legdrop. Somehow, Mike managed to kick out. Landon hit a good Jawbreaker but Mike rebounded with a Flapjack that rocked Landon to his core. Landon seemed to have it won after a Top Rope Hurancanrana. Landon’s fatal flaw was going for the Shooting Star Press. Mike got his knees up as Landon came down. MIke locked Landon in the Piledriver Evolved (a twisted body Tombstone).

Your Winner: “Money” Mike Rayne

Match #5 — Dinko, The Demented Clown v Jesse Tycoon
Real Scares, Steel Chairs Match.

Ok, first let me try to explain this match. It’s a bit odd. A steel chair was wedged in each of the four corners. The two men were then bound together, much like a Texas Bullrope Match. The objective in this rather unique battle was to ram the opponent’s head into each of the four chairs, in succession.

Ok, now that I’ve tried to explain the match, let’s look at the actual battle. Dinko was cheered by the crowd, especially the kids. Jesse didn’t know who his opponents was, at first. Challon explained to him that he had to fight Dinko. “A Clown? I have to fight a clown?” He complained about how someone with all his money was above such a base type of battle. The ref explained that he had no choice in the matter. He had agreed to the match and would face whoever the Powers-that-Be chose to pit against him. He continued to grumble as Dinko came out to a great mix of music. My wife’s back was bothering her, from sitting on the metal bleachers, so I watched most of this match from various angles as we walked around PWD’s home arena.

Jesse took the early advantage by stomping away at Dinko. The crowd rallied behind their unlikely hero. Dinko eventually got the strap between Jesse’s legs and flipped him over. There was a collective “Oooh” as the strap invaded Jesse’s nether regions. Dinko then Hog-Tied Jesse and started dragging him towards the first chair. Jesse got free and the fight spilled out to the floor. The two men took turns ramming their opponent into the chairs. Dinko almost had the match won but Jesse stopped him, just before the fourth and final chair. Jesse grabbed the strap and used it to whip Dinko’s back like the proverbial government mule. They fought out into the crowd and Jesse planted Dinko with a wicked DDT on the gym floor. Little kids ran around to cheer on Dinko. It just wasn’t enough to help as Jesse dragged Dinko back to ringside and slammed Dinko’s face into the four chairs to take the match. DInko was helped to the back as Challon announced intermission.

Your Winner: Jesse Tycoon

The intermission was a lot of fun. Many of the stars came out to meet the fans. Tow of the most memorable events of the night happened during the intermission. One was shared with the whole crowd, the other was more personal.

My daughter, Teresa, is very shy. She saw Otis and wanted to meet him. My other daughter, Jessica (who is far from shy), took her over to meet Otis. She explained that Teresa wanted to meet him but she was just too shy to do so. Otis smiled and said “Ah, come here, Sweetheart”. He gave her a big hug and she hasn’t stopped smiling, since.

At the end of the intermission, Challon said that they had a special presentation to make. Dustin Ardine returned to the ring and they called for the entire locker room to join them at ringside. PWD Founder, Tina Serrano, was then invited into the ring. Tina, known lovingly by the PWD Family as “Mom”, was presented with a plague and thanked by the fans and the wrestlers. She got a standing ovation from the crowd. Dustin, Challon and Tina were all either on the verge of or in tears at the touching presentation. We were kinda misty up in the cheap seats too.

I talked with “Mom”, several times during the evening, and she is the classiest of ladies. She really cares about the fans and wants to make sure that the environment is fun, yet appropriate for the entire family. She is a credit to the business and those that she has brought in to assist her share her dream and her dedication. Congratulations.

It was now time for…The Reno Rumble. The rules were a bit like WWE’s Royal Rumble with a twist. The winner of the Rumble won the Royal Flush Briefcase (similar to Money in the Bank). The winner would be able to pick the championship that they wanted to pursue, as well as what type of match they would like to compete in to try and win the title they chose. The wrestlers came out every 30 seconds. The countdown ran on the big scoreboard in the corner of the room.

Match #6 — The Reno Rumble

The match started off with four competitors: Dinko, Black Tiger, Jack Moves and “Rockstar” Johnny Vegas. It opened up wildly. Vegas got nailed by one seriously sick Clown Cutter. When our crowd count reached zero, out came…Vikki Vanity. She held her own in the match. In fact, most of the men and women were doing well until the arrival, about midway through, of The Prophet, Ezekiel. This guy is a chiseled monster that absolutely demolished everyone in sight. I would compare him to a cross between Kane and Lex Luger. He kept his face hidden during the entire match. He even speared Rosie, a female competitor, almost out of her boots. Ezekiel’s reign of terror got halted by the arrival of Mother Truckin’ Otis. The crowd, especially my daughters, cheered wildly when Otis showed up. Funky Brewster made his appearance, and immediately scooted under the ring. As the various men and women entered the ring, Funky enjoyed a little rest, out of harm’s way. That came to an end when Dustin Ardine left the production area and dragged the manager out. He rolled “Cookie Monster” into the ring to a huge cheer. Funky tried to stay out of the mix but he soon came to the attention…of everyone in the ring. They all worked together to quickly dump Funky to the floor. After a few more minutes of action, it came down to The Prophet Ezekiel v “Rockstar” Johnny Vegas. The two men fought valiantly in the ring and onto the apron. Both men came close to elimination but Ezekiel managed to slip back in the ring. The finish was a Brogue Kick off the ropes to send Vegas to the floor.

Your Winner: The Prophet, Ezekiel

The Prophet can now challenge for any title, in any kind of match. It might be a Darkness Falls Match (blindfold match) or the Submission or Submersion battle (the opponent must submit or be dunked into a large container of water). It’s all up to The Prophet, now.

Match #7 — The Ballard Brothers v Generation Me
PWD World Tag Team Title Match

The American flags came out when the Canuckleheads (Ballards) came to the ring. The Ballards are fantastic at drawing heat. They spent several minutes threatening to head home to British Columbia, if the fans refused to respect them. Generation Me, despite their heel turn on Thursday night, were definitely the faces in this contest. Generation Me showed why they are the hottest new team in wrestling, as they put on a high-flying clinic. The Ballards, who have faced some of the best in the world, including the Road Warriors, held their own against Max and Jeremy. For every Hurancanrana that Jeremy would nail, Shannon or Shane would hit an equally impressive move. Max came off the ropes, only to get blasted with a Tilt-a-Whirl Gutbuster. The Ballards almost took the win with a unique Double Team Facebuster. Generation Me pulled out their finisher, More Bang for the Buck, on Shane Ballard. Shannon punched the ref in the face to pull the instant Disqualification.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck)

After the match, Challon returned to the ring and thanked everyone for coming out to the show. The next show is going to be on October 23rd. More information is available at their website: WWW.PWDWrestling.com. To end the evening, Challon led the crowd in a heart-touching rendition of “God Bless the U.S.A.” as a tribute to the 9/11 tragedy, as well as the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. Great wrestling action, and a history lesson, as well. The crowd really sang out as Harry Baker held Old Glory for all to see. A great close to a great show.

After everyone left, the gang at Pro Wrestling Destination was gracious enough to give me a couple minutes to shoot the picture that you saw on the opening page. As I snapped several pictures, just to be sure I got a good one for 1Wrestling.com, I made a point of congratulating the ladies and gentlemen of PWD for putting on “one Hell of a show”. Several of the PWD crew had to leave pretty quickly to go over the hill and work the Big Time Wrestling show on Saturday night in Fremont, California. Sadly, my obligations back home in Fallon prevented me from attending the BTW show. I did read their results and they presented a fantastic show, as well.

There are days when I get homesick for Dallas, Texas and the wrestling I grew up with. Thanks to great people like Dustin, Challon, Tina, Matt, Harry, Ricky, Buggy, Otis, Vinny and the other great men and women from PWD (and BTW), I proud to be living in the Northern Nevada/California market. The wrestling here is some of the best in the country. Kudos to all for reaching the one-year mark. Here’s hoping for many more years of success.


–Jay Shannon

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