Posted September 20th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

Former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James commented tonight on the retirement of the Women’s Championship. ┬áPosted from her @mickiejamesdiva Twitter account, she issued the following statement:

“The retirement of the Women’s Championship breaks my heart. The nostalgia and the legacy built off the backs of every woman who paved the way for women like me… Who gave it credibility… Honor… Prestige… & Truth! For every woman who’s carried the championship through the generations… Who know the power & history you feel in holding it high above your head.. That can never be replaced by anything in my mind… In my heart… I am truly honored and forever grateful to be among the women who have graced its presence… Thank you…”

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  1. By Archangel, posted

    The next title they should retire is the U.S. title. It was bad enough that someone like The Miz holding but now someone I consider below him to now hold it? Give me a break. After that then it should be the tag team title. Tag team are non-existent in the WWE and just throwing two wrestlers together for the first time that does not have enough time to gel as a real tag team is no longer the case.

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