Posted September 19th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of Night of Champions?

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  1. By Archangel, posted

    Absolutely nothing surprising about the winner of these matches even with Superman Cena not winning the world title. Trust me, he will have it back before the year is over. As big as the WWE is with wrestlers, you only give seven matches? The credibility of the U.S. title has sunk to an all-time low. The tag team titles should be dropped with tag team literally non-existent. You would think, once again, they would have more tag teams with them being together for long periods of time instead of putting two wrestlers together literally at the last minute to compete.

  2. By TNA4kids, posted

    this is one of the best wwe ppv in a while. I wish nexus members win a belt in something(wwe champ or us belt ot tag team belt) I happy that john cena didnt win wwe champsion belt but why they give it to randy. (8/10 very good show)

  3. By deja vu, posted

    I can just see it now…either Cena will challenge and win back the title, or HHH will come back for the millionth time and win the title as usual (hence deja vu). Come on, even TNA4kids, who’s probably in the 2nd grade, could write this. As for the PPV itself, as Archangel mentioned, nothing surprising at all.

  4. By Pathetic, posted

    TNA4kids said the same exact thing about the last PPV. Funny stuff. Seven matches and the same people are in the main event each time. BORING. There is no creativity in the WWE anymore. Just the same people doing the same things and morons like TNA4kids shows up who is clearly a child herself babbling about how good each PPV is.

  5. By Andrew, posted

    Pathetic…. Tna is boring every week. WWE is trying to do different stuff everyweek on raw. That why tna ratings are down every week. Almost no one watch it on thursday night…(p.s. i watch espn thursday night college fooball over tna impact every week)

  6. By Brian, posted

    Come on Andrew, the writers are not changing wwe raw over the last few weeks. That why we have the same champion over and over and over again. Tna is trying to have new champ every so often. I want Cena go heel so it would be a change in raw but wwe are scare to change it. I will watch raw tonight to see what will happen next.

  7. By WWE4toddlers, posted

    What a piece of s**t pay-per view. Every match was very predictable. The new tag team belts should be thrown in the garbage along with the united divas championship. The US & IC belts are around the waists of jobbers. Yes, I called “Daniel Bryan” a jobber. He hasn’t paid his dues in the WWE. On the plus side the new WWE champ is special like Eugene. Orton is a complete retard and his silly ass gimmick needs to go away asap. Orton will NEVER be Stone Cold.He’s a scrawny wannabe badass.

  8. By Cliff May, posted

    Danial Bryan paid his dues as a wrestler in general and that’s enough. He didn’t get paid like a WWE wrestler which means he’s probably given and sacrificed even more than if he was in the WWE most of his career. He has a ton of experience wrestling in quality matches without any television time constraints. Probably one of the more skilled wrestlers the WWE is fortunate enough to have right now.

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