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This is Sal LaSardo, Jr and welcome to a preview of Rough Cuts –Night of Champions or will this be a preview of Hell in a Cell.

Tonight six championship matches are slated to showcase the WWE Champions from both RAW and Smackdown — Here are my predictions –

Melina will unify the Women’s Championship but LayCool will become CoolOff as Layla will get upset as she will try to interfere in the match. Both Michele and Layla will got into it and eventually lead to a mini “cat fight” in the ring only to be broken up by the Diva Lumberjacks. Melina will be left standing tall and proud as the New Unified Women’s Champion.

The Hart’s will successfully defend against Cody and Drew. I do not expect much here but a medium paced 5-7 minute match with Hart’s using the signature clothesline finisher — Cody and Drew will not be Champions. The Dynasty will roll on.

Dolph Ziggler will retain over Kofi with help from Vicki. I believe these two will put on a decent match and Vicki will wait for the opportunity to interfere thus allowing Dolph to retain. Kofi’s run for the belt is done here.

The MIZ will retain over Daniel Byran with help from Alex Riley. A possible swerve here is MIZ loses the belt and then goes mad and tries to cash in his MITB later on in the evening only to be the first person to lose the MITB and US belt in the same night. I think this scenario is possible if indeed Daniel is being groomed for big things. Personally, I like to see MIZ retain the belt for awhile because like Jack Swagger he will lose his “Awesome” edge of character. Having the belt makes him “Awesome” and more believable”.

The UnderTaker will lose to Kane tonight in his comeback but need not worry, the feud is no where near over. Taker losing will set this two up for the final battle at Hell in a Cell. Maybe No Holds Barred and that means nothing. Something bizarre will happen and Kane will retain and Taker will demand his favorite unbeatable type match at the next PPV where where he will become Champion again and begin I believe his final run till WrestleMania. Can we be on a collision course for Taker vs HHH at next Wrestlemania? Yes, indeed this is where this is going for sure fans. Taker and the streak, vs HHH for the belt and to break the streak. No one will be disappointed.

Main Event — Six pack challenge — This is survivor series type/elimination chamber type match but no chamber. All the WWE combatants will show a brief sign of unity to get the crowd going and gang up on Wade and Jericho will end up putting the walls on Wade. Wade will submit and be the first to go. Then as Jericho is standing full of himself for defeating Wade he will go next, followed by Edge, then John Cena, then Sheamus by RKO and NEW WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION RANDY ORTON !!!

This has been Sal LaSardo, Jr a preview of tonight’s PPV Night of Champions and as always may all of your matches be a main event. Your feedback is appreciated to

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