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What Happened NXT — Season 3, Episode 2

By Jay Shannon

After a horrible start, NXT-3 came back to try and improve their image. Did they manage to succeed? Let’s find out.

Roll the opening montage.

Tonight’s episode came from my grandma’s hometown, Detroit, Michigan. Vickie Guerrero came out and went off on her Rookie, Kaitlyn, for embarrassing her, last week. Vickie brought in her “boyfriend”, Dolph Ziggler, to add class to the show. Josh Mathews asked the question that dozens of readers have asked me in the last couple weeks: “Why is Vickie Guerrero a Pro?” I didn’t have the answer then, I don’t have it now. Last week, Kaitlyn sent Kaitlyn after A.J., only to have Kaitlyn sent into Vickie. Primo and A.J. came out for the Mixed Tag Match.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn v Primo and A.J.
Mixed Tag Team Match

The guys started off the match. Primo with a Dropkick. Dolph tagged out. A.J. with a Go Behind into a Roll-up. A.J. with a Side Headlock. Cole made fun of A.J.’s former Homeless status. Class act that Cole. A.J. with a fore-arm and kick. Kaitlyn with a Clothesline. Dolph tagged in and took the cheap shot on Primo. Dolph taunted A.J. Dolph wouldn’t let A.J. near her corner. She got fed up and slapped him, several times. Primo came off the ropes with a Springboard Polish Hammer, followed by a Flying Corkscrew Back Elbow. Cartwheel by Primo into a Dropkick. Dolph reversed an Irish Whip but nearly got decapitated by Primo. Leg Sweep by Primo. Primo missed a Corner Splash and Dolph took out Primo with the Zig Zag (dumbest name for a finisher in the business).

Your Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn
Grade: B- (81%)

After the match, Kaitlyn and Dolph got all chummy, hugging and such. Vickie’s nose got all out of joint at seeing her sweetie clutching another woman. Whatever.

NXT took at look at Maxine. She’s a unique looking woman, to be sure. Beautiful, don’t get my wrong, but her mixed ancestry leads to an interesting look. NXT ran another promo for Legendary. That movie bombed so badly during its opening week-end. I still want to see it on Friday when I head to Reno for the Pro Wrestling Destination 1st Anniversary Show.

Sigh. It was time for another Rookie Challenge. This time around, I kid you not, it was a Joke Off. It would be so easy to say the biggest joke was NXT Season Three, but I just won’t go there. (grin) The jokes were pathetic. Aksana told her joke in her native language and then in English. It was funnier the first time around. A.J. and Maxine got into a Cat Fight that was about as boring as drying paint. Kaitlyn also tried to Cat Fight A.J. The “Winner” of the Joke Off was… Jaime.

Segment Grade: F (9%)

Michael Cole hit the gong and cut a rant on the Divas and Matt Striker and the Detroit fans. Cole said the NXT Season Three show deserved the gong. Yeppers. Who pulled Cole’s chain? Wow.

NXT returned with the Bella Twins. Their Rookie, Jamie, was still in the ring. Goldust then came out to join his Rookie, Aksana.

Jamie v Aksana

The women locked up and Jamie took the Arm Bar into a Hammerlock. Standing Switch be Aksana. Aksana with a Side Headlock. Aksana ran down Jamie and then Scoop Slammed her. Aksana missed the Elbow Drop. Jamie shoved Aksana into the corner, shoulder-first. Jamie with a Step-over Arm Bar. Aksana got to the ropes. Jamie and Aksana got in a shoving match and Aksana Bieled (according to Cole) Jamie across the ring. That was the worst Biel ever. Aksana with a pair of Clotheslines and Fore-arm Shots. Aksana Irish Whipped Jamie to the corner. Aksana missed a Corner Splash and Jamie rolled her up to end this painful match.

Your Winner: Jamie
Grade: D (64%)

NXT ran a promo for Naomi. After a break, NXT ran down the updated Night of Champions card. NXT then looked at the “Love/Lust Triangle” between Vickie/Dolph/Kaitlyn. Backstage, Kaitlyn and Dolph were talking when Vickie walked up. She told Kaitlyn to take off. Vickie wanted an explanation of the hugging and stuff. Dolph said it was nothing. Vickie threatened to leave Dolph, if he kept acting like that. Cole grumbled how bad the show has been, so far. Ok, the stars must be aligned in such a way that for the first time I Agree With Michael Cole! Oh, the shame.

It was time for the second Rookie Challenge aka They Challenge our Nerves. This time around, it was an obstacle course. It was basically the same course the men have run in the past two seasons. Kaitlyn started to run the course but Vickie stopped her. Vickie demanded that Kaitlyn win. Vickie said she wanted to show her how to run the course with “Perfection”. Really? Good grief. Vickie warmed up for what seemed like forever before starting. Vickie didn’t do all that bad, even though it took her awhile. Well, she did ok until she tripped coming off the balance beam. She had a typical Vickie Hissy Fit. She may be cute but man is she annoying. She went to the back as NXT went to break.

NXT decided to try the whole Obstable Course:

Kaitlyn’s Time: 36.5
Aksana’s Time: 37.2
A.J.’s Time: 46.0
Maxine’s Time: 39.1
Jamie’s Time: 36.8
Naomi’s Time: 57.4 (She got ripped off by the refs)

Your Winner: Kaitlyn

Cole went back to the gong, again. Cole whined and complained about how stupid the show was. Cole Quit NXT! The whole crowd did the Nah Nah Hey Hey Good-bye chant as NXT faded into Warehouse 13. That was it? Really? Jeez. No wonder Cole quit. Can SyFy be far behind?

Final Grade: D- (61%)


–Jay Shannon

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  1. By Richard, posted

    I say with Michael Cole and his antics he should fully quit the WWE.

    His reading GM emails has gone on for too long as well.

  2. By Mike, posted

    I didn’t think the show was all that awful. Last week’s wasn’t horrible, either. They’re diva-hopefuls, and rookies, so let’s keep the expectations where they should be. Now it sure wasn’t a great show, but I’ve watched Raw and Smackdown shows and thought “What idiot thought THIS would be entertaining?” and that was put on by pros. I’ve seen Diva matches by supposed pros which weren’t much better than what the rookies put on last night (not including Mickie James or Beth Phoenix, just to name a few, but definitely including any match with the Bellas or Rosa, etc).
    Besides, the girls didn’t write the “joke-off” competition into the show or the obstacle course (and for the record, Naomi got jobbed on the balance beam but correctly stopped for doing sloppy, MINI push-ups). Side note: I liked AJ’s joke about the blonde, brunette, and redhead. Maybe it’s just because she’s hot. :-)
    Anyway, any show that prompts Michael Cole to walk out gets an A+ in my book!

  3. By BH, posted

    I think Micheal Cole is a joke in the broadcast table. He shows week after week how unprofessional he is by kissing the Miz’s butt (who I think is his boyfriend or something) on a weekly basis not to mention Vickie’s too. I feel he needs to leave WWE and bring back either Jim Ross or Tony Shivione and make Raw & Smackdown a 3 hour show and have everybody on the same show. And please, end this mystery GM crap and the “real leader” of The Nexus ASAP and get this over with.

  4. By Pathetic, posted

    Who is writing this show? Seriously.

  5. By Rob, posted

    I think they are “mis-using” that hour tuesday night…..NXT should have been a 1 hour “Spot Fest” for new talent and to quench the thirst we all have for the “attitude era” and “Old School ECW” let them go crazy for 1 hour a week, what can vince lose? ANYTHING is better than this diva crapfest.

  6. By Joseph Douglas, posted

    As far as Vicki being a Pro. If there is something she can teach, it’s mic skills. Where they aren’t the best. For a female “valet” type she hits all the right catchphrases to be annoying.

    Plus there had to be some of the backstage life that she picked up from her husband. There are a lot worse people that they could have chosen as pros. But then hopefully this entire season is going to hit the death knell on NXT.

    I have slowly enjoyed Cole’s ‘heel” persona. It wore a little thin when he found his red headed step child verbal barrage in season two that he had in season one with Bryan Daniels. But they really should have let that go when he was “disqualified/dismissed” from the show. Season two gave us a lot more of him. Almost too much since he has at least 2-4 parts for Monday Night Raw with the “GM Emails”.

    One of the signs that someone is working for me is that they are annoying in their commentary, but not to annoying that it distracts from the show and the ring action. He still crosses that line from time to time but it definitely is getting better.

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