Posted September 13th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

Matt Hardy posted a YouTube video last night with a message to his critics.  It had been reported that he had been sent home from the WWE tour of the UK, but Hardy posted the video to show that he was still in a UK hotel last night.

To view the video, click here

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  1. By Cliff May, posted

    That is cool that he posted this video of himself. With that done, he doesn’t need to explain himself anymore. I remember reading about the abdominal issues and the procedure. The photo. I can’t remember if it was on WWE’s website or some other.

    I had a similar thing at just about the same time this past year. Not nearly as dramatic and there was no medical procedure or operation involved so I can’t say I relate to Hardy on the level of his experience. But it’s similar in that I found out I’m lactose intolerant. And I started eating without animal products for the most part and now I can actually do sit ups without gaseous pain screwing it all up. It seems to be something people often find out in their 30′s.

    So while I put more priority in watching TNA(where Jeff wrestles!), I’ll be watching for Matt Hardy. I’m not a wrestler but I’m a performer of a sort and I’ll be watching his matches for some motivation.

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