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With this being somewhat of a down week when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts news, there were a couple of things I want to cover. If you’re visiting this column, you’re on 1Wrestling.com, which has been an institution in Pro Wrestling news for years. This website has made leaps and bounds in covering mixed martial arts, especially within the recent months with the layout change. Regardless of the differences, there always remains comparison between pro wrestling, MMA, and boxing. MMA often ridicules wrestling, boxing ridicules MMA. Aren’t there room for all three, especially considering all three are different?

Sure, the lines are often blurred. The UFC has taken a major page out of the pro wrestling handbook in promoting it’s fights with the countdown specials and the excellent “UFC Primetime” program. We’ve seen stars like Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson cross over into wrestling, Ray Mercer, KJ Noons and James Toney balance MMA and boxing….and some of the most famous mixed martial artists such as Sakuraba, Brock Lesnar and Ken Shamrock are also former Pro Wrestlers.

Theres a lot of back and forth and taunting between the three sports. Boxers get paid the most, Wrestling gets the best TV ratings, MMA gets the best PPV Buyrates and are considered the more complete fighters. However I think Boxing’s fear of the MMA takeover has a direct correlation with MMA’s difficulty in becoming regulated.

The battle to get MMA legalized and regulated in the state of New York has been an extremely difficult one, and people like Bob Reilly is one of the main naysayers in the way. He was recently on Inside MMA and actually compared MMA to dog fighting, prostitution and fighting to the death. He is one of the many uneducated people who stand in the way of a serious economic boost to the New York area. Obviously economic inclines are important for ANY part of our nation right now. The argument put forth by Reilly, is that it will maximize violent within the state’s youth. I hate to be the bearer of bad news buddy, but it’s already on television and pay-per-view. Kids do not pay hundreds of dollars to watch the sport of mixed martial arts live. The typical demographic of 18-34 does. Take a look at some of the things this guy says.

Boxing has long ruled in New York. 20 million dollar paydays are fairly common within the pro boxing world, where an MMA fighter that main events a UFC card makes about five percent of that. There’s a lot of money to be thrown around in boxing, and the gambling that surrounds it. It seems very shady that Bob Reilly wouldn’t be on a crusade against the sport of boxing or even Kickboxing, yet he compares MMA to PROSTITUTION. Little do you MMA fans know, the first thing we learn in MMA class is how to turn tricks on the corner. Go figure. Dogfighting? This is seriously one of the most ridiculous arguments ever. Its as if we were arguing about Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair being more important to pro wrestling…then suddenly I say “ZEBRAS.” It makes no sense.

I’m sure the cage doesn’t help the public perception, it takes you back to the gladiator days. Nobody dies in MMA. Nobody has thus far suffered severe long term brain damage, which is fairly common for boxers. It is admittedly safer on the body than the typical pro wrestling schedule, so why not regulate it in a state in which it could help the state of the economy? Politics. Guys like this are doing everything they can to trash the sport to any politician who has a say

Is this not the most ignorant thing you’ve ever heard? I guess it’s a homosexual act when boxers hug in the clinch. I suppose Rashad Evans, Damian Maia, Sakuraba, Yushin Okami, Anderson Silva, and many others are skinhead racist white guys. I wonder if Bob Arum actually thinks anyone will pay attention to anything he says and take it seriously? By the way Arum has been fined six figure amounts for attempting to bribe officials to sanction his fights. I believe there is incredibly shady business going on with some old-timers and boxing enthusiasts in New York that are delaying the inevitable.

What does MMA need to do to get sanctioned in New York? Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. It’s inevitable given the huge gates, and revenue that each event brings to the area that New York officials will approve MMA within the state. Every year it inches closer, and I think before the end of 2011, whether Bob Arum, Bob Reilly or John McCain like it, Madison Square Garden will be hosting a UFC card. There is plenty of room in this world for more than one sport ladies and gentlemen.

Moving onto MMA news, there were several cards recently, including Bellator, Shine, and Shark Fights. Joe Warren was able to mount an improbably comeback to capture the Bellator Feather weight title with a victory over Jay Soto. Soto lost respect for Warren’s stand up game as the fight progressed and paid the price for it by losing his title. If you’ve not witnessed a Bellator event, do so. Their format is excellent for fighters and fans alike.

Antonio McKee held onto his MFC Lightweight title Friday night against Luis Acevedo. McKee, whom is 40, had been heavily criticized for relying solely on his wrestling to lead him to success. Antonio McKee promised to retire from Mixed Martial Arts if he didn’t stop this fight. He was successful, with elbows causing a disgusting gash on Acevedo’s face. McKee has not lost since 2003, and is unbeaten in his last 15 fights. It will be hard for Dana White and Joe Silva to justify not hiring this guy after a streak that impressive. Former UFC stars Jesse Taylor and David Heath also picked up victories on the card.

Shine Fights….oh boy, where to start. If I were a fan, I wouldn’t have anything to do with this promotion, however as a writer, I feel obligated to relay results. They’ve had a card canceled, a card moved, a main event prevented , all within a few months. Friday night, they revived the one night tournament theme, which was won by Drew Fickett, who defeated Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett, Dennis Bermudez, and Carlo Prater on his way to winning the tourney. Fickett took nearly 8 months off and returned this year and seemingly has his head on straight after struggling through a two year period in which he accumulated 2 wins and 8 losses

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen have a rematch tentatively scheduled for New Years Day or possibly Super Bowl weekend. Whomever comes out victorious is likely to face challenger Vitor Belfort, who made news this week by traveling to train with former rival Randy Couture at his Xtreme Couture gym.

Todd Duffee and Brett Rogers are on the market, as Duffee was cut by the UFC, and Rogers is working for Warrior One MMA next month. Duffee, whom was regarded as a huge prospect following his UFC record 7 second knockout last year was released after a shocking loss to Mike Russow in which he dominated the entire fight before a knockout stopped him with minutes to spare. Brett Rogers will be fighting Ruben Villareal as he looks to bounce back following losses to Fedor and Alistair Overeem.

MC Hammer has entered the MMA game….as a manager! MC Hammer recently appeared on ESPN’s MMA Live program speaking out on his new MMA management company, known as Alchemist Management. He’s already “rurned this mutha out” as he represents UFC stars Nate Marquardt, Vladamir Matyeshenko, James McSweeney and Jorge Rivera. Gee….with Marquardt’s upcoming fight with jiu jitsu ace Rousimar Palahares….I wonder if he’ll be…”too legit to tap?” Hahahahahah. Okay, I’m done.

Saturday night also saw one of the more highly anticipated cards outside of UFC and Strikeforce, as the Shark Fights promotion put on a card highlighted by Keith Jardine, Houston Alexander, and Brock Larson, of former UFC Fame.

Brock Larson was 24-2 coming into the UFC just two years ago, but struggled in the promotion and was cut after four fights. He’d recently put together three consecutive victories, but however Tarec Saffeidine was too much for Larson to handle. The former top 10 welterweight Larson lost the decision but is also scheduled to fight Jimmy Dean (not making that name up) at King of The Cage next month.

The Co-Main event was an exciting one as Houston Alexander managed a dramatic comeback victory over Sokoudjou. Houston Alexander was overwhelmed in the first round by strikes from Sokoudjou, but as he is prone to do, Sokoudjou punched himself tired and became susceptible for the knockout in round two. I really don’t understand Sokoudjou’s reasoning in this fight. I understand he wants to put on exciting fights for the fans, but he’s a black belt in judo, and he rarely utilizes his judo game in his MMA fights. This strategy of his isn’t good for his wallet or his health long-term.

Keith Jardine headlined the event against Trevor Prangley, and this was touted as the first step in Jardine’s journey back to the UFC. I predicted this correctly as Prangley was able to earn the decision victory over Jardine. I respect Jardine as a fighter, but he’s had nothing but split decision victories since 2006, maybe it’s time to throw the unusual striking strategy he has out the window. He didn’t look like he was motivated to win the fight until the last thirty seconds, when he desperately tried to land a knockout shot. Motivation can not be his issue, he trains with Greg Jackson’s camp, one of the most successful and well rounded teams in the world, and he is truly wanting to return to the UFC. After 5 consecutive losses though, you have to wonder what changed he will make to his game. It has been rumored he may face Houston Alexander in a rematch of their 2007 bout, in which Alexander won in a stunning upset with a vicious KO. Jardine is now 2-7 in his last 9 fights.

That’s all I have for now ladies and gentlemen, next week I’ll cover the upcoming Fight Night card, and take a look at the first week of The Ultimate Fighter, starring Georges St.-Pierre and Josh Koscheck


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