Posted September 9th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

Watch the TNA Bound For Glory Kick Of Show, including a Q & A with TNA President Dixie Carter.

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  1. By tasha, posted

    I can not believe that they decided not to put on their weekly show just put on this internet crappy show. They keep making more and more mistakes. I am just getting sick of tna and all of the crap. Ever since hogan and bishoff showed up everything that was good about tna has disappeared. The female division was excellent. Now it is all about the beautiful people. They had the six sided ring. Wrestling didn’t just focus around hogan’s core people, it use to be focused around all types of wrestling from hybrid to tag team to x division to women’s to world heavyweight. I knew when they said that hogan was coming that bad things were going to happen and it did. Tna is going to end up just like WCW did…..DEAD!!!!!

  2. By Cliff May, posted

    It’s trippy how at 17:38 to 17:44 and probably other parts, you see a circular design on Dixie Carter’s shirt. And her arm sleeve has part of the same thing and when she puts her arm back, it joins the circle on her shirt. Maybe I’m looking at her too much LOL.

  3. By Cliff May, posted

    If Dixie ran for president of the USA, I’d vote for her. Forget Palin.

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