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Hulk Hogan is not the only one ill and Apter knows how he feels after a  wrestilng TV experience last night …


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  1. By cornbread, posted

    cmon apter…i been reading this site for 10 years and this is the 1st time you have annoyed me…it wasnt that bad and naomi was quite entertaining…it was better then the 900th raw episode…would u rather watch this or edge vs khali..khali couldnt entertain someone if u set him on fire..this or any william regal match?? they have thrown garbage at us 4 what 2 years now?? and ur sickened by this?? cmon apter ur better than that..grow a pair a put the criticism where it belongs…id watch naomi b4 half the divas on the roster jillian eve kelly kelly omg terrible

  2. By Ron, posted

    Cornbread you are a sucker. You ate the NXT crap and said it tasted good. Was there money in it for you? What a joke you are.

  3. By Hulksta, posted

    HAHAHAAH Bill that was funny, brother.. but you forgot to mention the get well emails and the couple of jerks that you banned.. Good to see not everyone is on the McMahon payroll..

  4. By Pathetic, posted

    That was a great video Apter and Ron is right cornbread, you are friggen ridiculous or a WWE mark. This whole mess with Linda and public office is ruining the WWE name. It is a shame that corns crap at the end looks like the ramblings of some pre teen.

  5. By cornbread, posted

    hahaha whatever u clowns say..i know what im watching and its continuous garbage..only point i was makin is this isnt the worst smelling garbage they have shoveled me recently..if nxt sickened u how did u feel about raw mon??? lowest rating all year huh???u guys just need a life

  6. By Jay De, posted

    Wait til Bill sees this… http://nodq.com/features/286009014.shtml

  7. By Bill Apter, posted

    No worries Jay De — I won’t be going there!

    Thanks–Bill Apter

  8. By Chris, posted

    You guys are all ridiculous. No one even bothers to acknowledge that RAW took place on a freaking holiday (Labor Day) Every time the have Raw on a Holiday the rating is low, but what have TNA’s ratings been? Not even 3.0 on their best nights. I did not watch NXT, so I can’t comment on that, but I notice this site is nothing more than a promotion machine for TNA. No matter what WWE does this site just dogs it down. Why was there never a RAW rating vs. TNA rating posted on this site the entire time they were going head to head against TNA? Maybe because that would show that TNA is garbage no matter how much Apter and this site shill for it. When TNA beats any WWE rating, then you guys can talk, until then get a life and shut up.

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