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Well, despite SyFy saying NXT would not return after “Season One”, they made it all the way through Season Two and, tonight, they start Season Three. This time around, it’s all Divas. They originally had six women lined up but the Amazonian, Aloisia, has been released. Not 100% sure what happened but she’s off the show. Let’s see what NXT offers, this time around.

Roll the Opening Montage, complete with all-new music. The intro hinted that Vickie Guerrero would have a new Rookie.

Matt Striker and Josh Mathews welcomed the home crowd to the show. Matt Striker called out the WWE Pros. Kelly Kelly, dressed in a sexy cream dress, brought out Naomi (Night). The Bella Twins then came out in matching short blue dresses. They introduced Jamie (Keyes). Jamie is a fan of Twilight (as is this whole household). Primo then came out to introduce A.J. (Lee). A.J. is a writer that loves comic books and video games. Alicia Fox came out to introduce Maxine. Fox was a bit more with it on the promo than she was on Monday Night Raw. Goldust then came out to introduce his girl…Aksana. The Lithuanian came out in a short gold dres.. Vickie then came out to a roar of boos. Vickie claimed she fired her Rookie, last week. Vickie brought out her new Rookie…Kaitlyn.. The sassy Texanbounced down to the ring. The women looked amazing. Matt said the Divas-to-be would be tested in both physical abilities and personalities.

Striker asked the women to talk about themselves. Kaitlyn was first. SHe is absolutely dtop dead gorgeous. She’s a major flirt. Kaitlyn said she wa the kind of girl that blew up mailboxes and gave wedgies. She was Homecoming Queen and Class Clown. Matt called up Aksana but Vickie stopped the proceedings and went off on Kaitlyn. She demanded that Kaitlyn introduce herself again. Vickie just wanted to hear Kaitlyn announce how proud shw was to be with Vickie.

Aksana got one heck of a reaction. She calls herself the “Billion Dollar Baby”. She’s started rambling in Lithuanian. The fans annoyed with her in rapid fashion. Her English was choppy in best. Aksana, to me, is the offspring of Pamela Anderson and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Maxine was brought up next to talk about herself. Maxine made fun of Aksana’s broken English. THe crowd loved that. Maxine said she had three senses: Business, Street and Common. Maxine said she was a Triple Threat in a skirt. Maxine said the only position for her…was at the top.

A.J. Lee came up and said Matt needed to be hugged. A.J. said she has worked for 13 years to get to this stage. A.J. is seriously obnoxious.

Jamie Keyes came forward and worked the stick like a veteran. She mentioned always giving, at least, 100%. She said she was willing to work hard to get to the top.

Naomi came forward and got a heck of a pop. She’s also really good on the microphone. Naomi is a cross between Sharmell and Jacqueline Moore. She’s my pick to win this competition.

The first Rookie Challenge was up next. It was a Diva Dance Challenge. The live crowd got to be the judges. Michael Cole was brought into the ring to be the women’s dance partners. Cole was wearing bright red leg warmers and a cheesy hat that looked like it came off the $7 rack at Wal-Mart. I won’t turn your stomachs with the description of Cole’s horrid dancing. If you’ve seen the 80s dance routine that brought Vince McMahon such grief, he looked like Fred Astaire compared to that. Tony Chimmel replaced Cole as the dance partner, after only two performances. Tony kinda had that Frankensteinian shuffle to his move set. After dancing with A.J. and Maxine, Tony was excused. Josh Mathews got to dance with the last two women. Kaitlyn and Josh did the Robot and the Running Man (Flashback Alert).The crowd voted the winner…Naomi. Cole, of course, took full credit for her win.

Kelly Kelly and Naomi v Alicia Fox and Maxine

Kelly and Fox started it. Fox witha  kick and punch. Kelly iwth the Whirly-Bird Head Scissors and a Hurancanrana. Naomi took the tag and grabbed a Side Haedlock. Naomi with a modified Stratusfaction into a Roll-up for two. Fox with a Back Heel Trip and a Fore-arm Shot. Naomi with a Dropkick and a Rump Shaker that took me back to the days of “Iceman” King Parsons. Fox kicked out at two. Fox reversed an Irish WHip into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker.

Maxine made the tag. Maxine shouldered Naomi in the corner as Cole talked about all the various ethnic groups that make up her ancestry (Spanish, Cuban, Italian, Hawaiian and Asian). Maxine with a variation of the  Bronco Buster. Macine with a good Suplex. Fox tagged back in and slapped on a Rear Chin Lock. Naomi with a Jawbreaker. Fox with a cheap shot on Kelly. Maxine tagged back in and Shouldered Naomi in the corner. Naomi surprised Maxine with a Roll-up for hte three. Naomi with a Float Over SUplex, after the match.

Your Winners: Kelly Kelly and Naomi

Grade: B- (80%)

Matt Striker was back for another Rookie Challenge. Really? This time around, it was a Capture the Flag Race Jamie didn’t get one of the five flags at the first station and she was eliminated. On the second station, A.J. was eliminated. A the third flag center, Aksana didn’t get a flag and was eliminated. At the fourth stop, Kaitlyn was eliminated. ON the final stop on this bizarre take on Musical Chairs, Naomi grabbed the flag.

Your “Winner”: Naomi

Grade: F (33%)

NXT ran the Behind-the-Scenes feature on Legendary. It’s definitely a film that I want to see. After the video, Cole and Josh talked about Night of Champions.

Jamie was progiled. Jamie is a former bodybuilder that gave up a nursing career to wrestle. Jamie said she wanted to pattern herself after her idol, Trish Stratus.

Goldust and Aksana arrived for the Mixed Tag Match. NXT went to break before the match.

Goldust and Aksana v Primo and A.J.

Mixed Tag Team Match

Primo and Goldust started the match. Deep Arm Drag by Goldy.  Primo shoved Goldy, who responded with a hard punch. Primo with an Irish WHip. Goldust with the Goldusting Uppercut. THe women came in and ran over A.J. Clothesline and Scoop Slam into a Leg Drop. Aksana blocked A.J.’s Hip Toss and nailed her with a Backbreaker. A.J. kicked out at two. A.J. botched a Wheelbarrow Bulldog and had to come back for a second try.

Your Winners: A.J. Lee and Primo

Grade: D (64% — really sloppy)

Vickie Guerrero came out with her Rookie, again. She wanted Kaitlyn to re-do the intro, again. Primo took exception with the interruption. A.J. got in Vickie’s face. Kaitlyn attacked A.J. A.J. shoved Kaitlyn into Vickie. Vickie had a serious hissy fit.  Primo and A.J. had a good laugh as Kaitlyn begged for forgiveness. The show faded out as I shook my head and thought to myself…

I wish WWE would have looked beyond Florida for their women. Davina Rose, a West Coast favorite, and Buggy Nova, also a Northern California/Nevada favorite, could wrestle rings around these girls. Davina and Buggy are going to face off at the Big Time Wrestling show on Sept.18th. Buggy will also be in Reno, the night before, at the PWD 1st Anniversary Show.

Well, I’ll be back with you, later in the week, for my Ringside Remembrances column. TNA is taking a break, this week, so there won’t be an Impact Recap.


–Jay Shannon


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