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By Jay Shannon

NIght of Champions is just around the corner. A major change to the Six-Pack Challenge occured, this week. Also, John Cena had an encounter iwth a member of Nexus, and it might not be the member you would expect. Welcome to Episode 901.

Nexus stood in the middle of the ring in Washington, D.C. Wade Barrett, of course, had the stick. The crowd booed Wade harshly. Wade talked about destroying The Undertaker, last week. He sent it to the video of Wade hitting the Wasteland on Taker. Justin Gabriel then nailed the 450 Splash on the Dead Man. David Otunga then took the stage and bragged about how great Nexus is. Michael Tarver laughed about their actions towards the Undertaker. He said anyone else would sit back and enjoy the fame, but not Nexus. Tarver said Chris Jericho and Edge were both scared of Nexus, so they bailed out of the main event. Heath Slater stated that he pinned the WWE Champ, Sheamus, in the main event. Slater repeated that about a dozen times. Justin Gabriel said he hit his finisher on John Cena and the Undertaker, in the same night. Gabriel said it was more satisfying, every time he hits the 450 on Cena. Wade got back on the stick and talked about de-venomizing The Viper, Randy Orton. Wade was cut off by Orton.

The crowd erupted for Orton. Orton grinned in that evil way that only he can do. Orton reminded Nexus that he took out two of the five members…in less than 30 seconds. Orton said he didn’t care who he pinned for the WWE title but he would make sure to save an R-K-O for Wade. Wade invited Orton into the ring.

You Have E-Mail! The G.M. said last week was a great night for Nexus, as a group. Tonight, Nexus would fight on their own. Justin Gabriel was put in a match against John Cena. Randy Orton would face Wade Barrett. In addition, during those two matches, no other Nexus member would be allowed at ringside.

The WWE Rewind looked at Edge getting himself disqualified to get out of the main event, last week.

Chris Jericho came out for hte first match of the night. As Jericho got in the ring, the G.M. sent another e-mail. The G.M. was ticked off at Edge’s and Jericho’s cowardly actions, last week. The G.M. said if Jericho and/or Edge were to lose, tonight, they would be replaced. Jericho had to face John Morrison.

Chris Jericho v John Morrison

Jericho attacked Morrison as the bell sounded. He kicked and stomped away. Morrison came off the Irish Whip into the Drive-By Roll-up. Jericho with a Running Fore-arm. Jericho tossed Morrison up and over the top rope. Jericho screamed at Michael Cole to tell him who the General Manager was. Raw went to break.

Jericho had Morrison trapped in a Rear Chin Lock as the show continued. Jericho with a Belly to Back Suplex. Jericho with a Kneelift and a Fore-arm shot. Morrison flipped out of a Side Suplex and hit a pair of Clotheslines and a Leg Lariat. Morrison with a Backbreaker. Morrison with several kicks. Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho but Morrison flipped out. Jeiricho with a Back Elbvow. He missed the Lionsault but Morrison connected with the renamed Flash Kick (previously known as the Chuck (Norris) Kick). Jericho kicked out at two and Morrison was frustrated. Jericho with a Flapjack as Morrison came off the ropes. Morrison blocked the Code Breakerr but Morrison missed his version of the Knee Trembler. Step-up Enziguri by Jericho for a two. Jericho slammed Morrison’s face into the mat and then slapped Morrison in the head. Jericho with an Irish Whip but missed the charge and struck the ring post. Morrison missed Starship Pain and seemed to jam his knee on the landing. Jericho instantly slapped on the Walls of Jericho. Morrison fought and crawled to the ropes to force the break. Jericho screamed at the ref and then set Morrison for a Superplex. Morrison pounded on Jericho, knocking him off the ropes. Morrison nailed his finisher, Starship Pain, to take Jericho out of the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. Jerry Lawler felt Jericho was hurt in the match.

Your Winner: John Morrison
Grade: A (93%)

Chris Jericho looked shaken and distraught as the reality of the loss set in. Jericho slowed left the ring and started up the ramp. He looked on the verge of tears. The crowd actually cheered Jericho.

Melina arrived to defend her Divas championship. Her opponent was Alicia Fox. Fox seriously flubbed her promo as she talked about becoming the “undefined champion” rather than undisputed champion. It so reminded of a beauty pageant that I saw several years ago. They asked the contestant her thoughts on Affirmative Action. Her response “Well, I think all actions should be affirmative”. I kid you not.

Melina v Alicia Fox
Divas Championship Title Match

Melina had a hard time keeping a straight face. THe two locked up and danced around the ring. Fox shoved Melina but Melina Back Body Dropped her challenger. Melina with a Sliding Dropkick. Fox started to leave but Melina threw her back in the ring. Melina slapped Fox, kicked her down and flew off the ropes with a Crossbody. Fox slung Melina into the ropes and stomped away. She slammed Melina’s face into the mat. Melina Matrixed out of harm’s way and hit a Boot. Melina went for her L.A. Destroyer but Fox blocked it. Melina came back with the Sunset Split to retain her title.

Your Winner: Melina
Grade: C+ (78%)

Miz talked with Josh Mathews about his Road to Awesome. Miz had something under a black velvet tarp. Josh wanted to look underneath but Miz slapped his hand away. Miz would reveal all, later.

In the back, Edge talked with Zack Ryder about having to risk his place in the Six Pack Challenger. Zack wanted to face Edge in the match. Edge said it would be an easy win because Zack sucked. Edge begged the G.M. to put him up against Zack. Edge threatened to destroy the G.M.’s computer if he didn’t get Ryder. Zack’s feelings were hurt when Edge called him a tool

Other places, Ted DiBiase was talking to someone. He told them he loved them. Maryse wanted to know who he was talking to. Ted claimed it was his mom. Maryse said she found Ted’s note. The note that said “I want you so bad”, wasn’t written by him. He also said the note just might be for him. She went off on him in French. I have absolutely no clue what she said. If it were Spanish, I might have picked up what she said. Haven’t spoken French since Mrs. Smith’s 7th grade French class, a hundred years ago (or so it feels)

Justin Gabriel came out for the Hour Turner match. Raw showed how Justin hit the 450 on Cena, last week. Their match would happen after the break.

Raw claimed next week was their Season Premiere. I didn’t realize that Raw had Seasons, but what the heck? Anyway, next week, it will be the return of…(dramatic music)…Raw Roulette. Oh, Joy (Sarcasm dripping).

Justin Gabriel v John Cena
Special Challenge Match

Justin tried to jump Cena, before the bell. The two locked up and Justin took a Side Headlock. Cena fell back, sending Justin across the ring. TDeep Arm Drag by Justin. Cena with a Snap Mare into a Head Scissors. Cena was getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Justin kicked Cena and threw Fore-arm Smashes. Justin stomped Cena in the corner and stood on Cena’s head. Cena took a Back Elbow to the face. Cena fell to the outside. Gagriel went out and attacked Cena. He then rolled Cena back in. Springboard Senton by Justin. Justin iwth sharp kicks. Justin wanted a pin but Cena kicked out at two. Justin with a Flying Crossbody in the corner into a Springboard Crossbody. Side Russian Leg Sweep into an Inverted Crippler Crossface on Cena.

Cena fought to his feet. Justin with his own version of the Proto-bomb. Justin positioned Cena and went for a Springboard Moonsault. He missed the move. Cena went Vintage on Justin (Double Shoulders/ Proto-Bomb, Five Knuckle Sunggle). Justin blocked the Attitude Adjustment nad hit an Inverted Stroke. Justin kicked Cena in the head nad went High Rent. Cena caught him nad pounded away. Cena put Justin in position and hit an Attitude Adjustment off the middle rope! Count to 100, this one’s a done deal.

Your Winner: John Cena
Grade: A (95%)

Raw took a look at the new John Cena movie “Legendary”. Friday is my grandson (Eric)’s 17th birthday. He wants to see this film. I may take him there, after he gets out of school. This movie seriously looks good.

Raw ran a promo for NXT3. The 6’9″ girl Aloisia was edited out of the promo. I didn’t quite catch what happened with her but she’s apparently not going to be on the show. Darn. She was unique and kinda cute. Plus, no Vickie Guerrero. Boo. Hiss. There will only be five women on this “season”. I have to imagine it will be a short run. I will be here to cover it, though I have my reservations about it.

MIz came out and Michael Cole was thrilled. Miz said his given name Mike Mizanin and he didn’t deserve to be there, or so they said…six years ago. Miz talked about his time on Tough Enough and his early days in the WWE. People told him that he should go back to MTV. He refused to leave and continued on. Miz said the fans kept saying that he didn’t belong in the WWE. Miz complained that he was seen as the sidekick to John Morrison in their tag team. Miz was warned that when their team split, he would disappear. He didn’t. Miz bragged about winning Money in the Bank and then showede off an over-sized cover of the new WWE Magazine. He was the focal point of the issue. Miz demanded that everyone should admit that they were wrong about him.

Daniel Bryan walked from the back. Daniel congratulated Miz on “making it”. Daniel called himself the “anti-Superstar”. Daniel told Miz that, if given the chance, he would be able to beat Miz for the U.S. Title. Daniel put up a mock-up of the next WWE Magazine, with the headline Miz Taps. Denail told Miz that he could force the U.S. Champ to tap out and he could take the U.S. Title from him. Miz said he didn’t like Daniel and never has. Daniel demanded to know if Miz would put up the U.S. title, yes or no. “Yes”. Daniel thanked Miz. Miz thanked him back and tried to attack him. Daniel slapped on the “LeBell Lock”, a modified Crippler Crossface with a Half-Twist…named, I believe, for Gene LeBell. Alex Riley rushed into the ring and broke up the hold. Daniel dropped Riley, threw Miz over the top rope and trapped Riley in the Lebell Lock. Daniel noticed the picturein the ring. Daniel kicked the picture to irritate Miz. This match just could steal the show.

This Week in History was up next. It was 09/04/1995 and WCW Nitro debuted, head to head, against Monday Night Raw. They showed respect to Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff. Lex Luger made a surprising return to WCW, just hours after working a WWE show. This led to the Monday Night Wars.

Raw looked back at Edge’s intentional disqualification in last week’s main event. As a punishment, he was forced to fight to keep his spot in the Six Pack Challenge. Edge arrived for his match. He demanded to face Zack Ryder, or else… Michael Cole said he got a text on his phone from the Mystery G.M., saying that John Cena would face the winner of Wade Barrett and Randy Orton. Edge didn’t get Zack Ryder….he got, per the G.M., the Great Khali!

Edge v Great Khali
Special Challenge Match

Edge came out to destroy the G.M.’s computer. Edge thought about it for a moment. The ref urged him to get back in the ring. Edge rolled in and out of the ring. Edge mocked Khali’s behavior. Edge slid in the ring and right back out again. He continued to mock Khali. Edge went to attack Ranjin Singh. Khali slapped a Clawhold on Edge. Edge backed up the ramp. Edge kicked Khali in the knee Edge rushed back to the irng as the ref counted.

Your Winner (by count-out): Edge
Grade: D (65%)

The G.M. sent another e-mail. The G.M. restarted the match, as a no-DQ, Over-the-Top Rope Challenge.

Edge v Great Khali
Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge

Edge slugged Khali. Khali with a pair of Khali Khops. He pitched Edge into the corner and hit a big chop. Apparently, Morrison did not replace Jericho in the “Six-Pack Challenge”. Khali went out to get Edge. Edge stepped back over the ropes and Edge kicked the rope up into Khali’s nether regions. Ege wanted a Spear but Khali threw Edge out of the ring, between the ropes. Khali went to step over the ropes and Edge pulled him to the floor. The ref called it.

Your Winner: Edge
Grade: C (71%)

Josh Mathews talked to Chris Jericho, backstage. Josh wanted to know what Jericho’s plans were, now that he could not compete in the Six Pack Challenge. Jericho would not answer. John Morrison slid up next to Jericho and mocked Jericho for his earlier arrogance.

Sheamus walked out to the ring in his new Emerald Green t-shirt. Sheamus joined the announce team for the main event.

Randy Orton v Wade Barrett

Edge and John Cena had also joined the announce team, during the break. Wade Barrett then arrived. ORton came out and the fight was on.

Orton ran Wade into a corner. Irish Whip by Orton after a bashing. Clothesline by Orton. Wade went to the outside and Orotn went out after him. Orton rammed Wade on the announce table, twice. Orotn kicked Wade in the chest and threw him back onto the apron. Orton basheed Wade and challenged him to get up. Orton stomped the mid-section of Wade. Wade slid to the corner. Wade reversed an Irish WHip but ate a Back Elbow. Wade with a Big Boot. Wade pounded away on Orton. Wade with a Neckbreaker. Wade slapped on a Rear Chin Lock as Sheamus whined about his unfair treatment. Wade with a Side Backbreaker. Sheamus said he had a touch of the flu so he didn’t fight. Wade punched away at Orton and demanded that Orton get to his feet.

Wade lifted Orton for Wasteland but Orton converted it to the Orton Backbreaker. Clotheslines by Orton to rock Wade. Snap Powerslam by Orton. Wade slid to the aporn. Orton trapped Wade for the Rope-Assisted DDT but Wade slipped free. Wade slipped Orton over the ropes.

Suddenly, Darren Young came out and confronted his former leader, Wade. Darren called himself the “Missing Link”. The distration allowed Randy Orotn to nail the R-K-O.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Grade: B (85%(

Orton then caught Darren with an R-K-O. Edge tried to attack…R-K-O. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick attempt…R-K-O! Really? Jeez. After the replay, Orton stared down John Cena. Cena ripped off his shirt and stared at the Viper. Orton didn’t make a move before things faded to black.


–Jay Shannon

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  1. By Richard, posted

    Man some wrestler really needs to destroy the LAPTOP.

    And how fast can the GM type??? The emails the GM is sending are rather long and just show up at the RIGHT moment. Wayyyyy to scripted.

  2. By Cliff May, posted

    Yeah I’m not liking the laptop thing either. I know it’s supposed to be funny when the lights blink to indicate a general manager email. But I’m still not liking it that much now.

  3. By Pathetic, posted

    Oh yeah this crap show was on. I forgot when there are shows like, The Closer, Hoarders, Football it is difficult to care about this show that Vince seems to not care about.

    Get ready for the show to drop to an hour and be on from 10-11.

    Just wait and see folks, it is coming.

  4. By John B, posted

    I’ve read a couple of your recaps when I’m unable to watch Raw. Recaps are ok, but could do without your tangents and rambling on. Don’t care about your beauty pageant note, don’t need to know when you last took a French class, etc… Stick to the recap.

  5. By Frank H., posted

    Dude it’s a mic!!! Not a STICK!!!! That sounds so stupid!

  6. By Kiseki, posted

    Let’s all just go on Youtube and watch the WWE Attitude era. There really is no need to suffer. Haha.

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