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The Final (Season Two) What Happened NXT Report

Season Two drew to a close. Alex Riley, Kaval and Michael McGillicutty stood as the final Rookie competitors. The winner, once he was announced, got a big surprise…and it wasn’t what he expected.

The show opened with a highlight reel of the various Rookies of Season Two. The three remaining Rookies were profiled. Before this starts, I will tell you who I voted for and why. I chose Kaval. Michael McGillicutty is a lock to be a future superstar, both because of his talent and his legacy. Alex Riley just annoys the daylights out of me. I’m sure he will have a good run in the WWE and doesn’t really need the win. Kaval has that great Underdog Feel to him. That’s why Kaval aka Low-ki aka Senshi should make it to the top of the mountain.

Roll the Opening Montage, one last time…maybe.

Ashley Valence welcomed the WWE Pros. Man, she is seriously cute. Miz brought out his Rookie, Alex Riley. The crowd showed their dislike of the Varsity Villain. Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) then came out to introduce Kaval. Finally, Kofi Kingston came out to introduce Michael McGillicutty. The three finalists and the four Pros stood in the ring. Matt Striker congratulated the final three. Striker welcomed the eliminated Rookies. Striker reminded them that the winner would be decided tonight. The three men would battle each other, next. Miz got in Kaval’s face. Kaval shoved Miz. Kofi sent Miz to the floor with a La Bandera Clothesline.

It was announced that there would indeed be a third season of NXT. Season Three will be an All-Diva program. Kelly Kelly was introduced as one of the Pros. Her Rookie will be…Naomi Night. She’s the most recent FCW Divas champion. She’s a very pretty girl that looks like she could be Jacqueline Moore’s younger sister or daughter.

Alex Riley v Kaval v Michael McGillicutty
Triple Threat Match

All three men fought each otehr. Riley was Back Body Dropped by Michel and Kaval. Kaval with a Horizontal Dropkick while holding the ropes. Kaval with a hard chop. Michael jumped over Kaval and Dropkicked him, after coming off the ropes. Riley made the face. Riley stomped Michael and Kaval and taunted them both. Michael with a Clothesline and cover attempt on RIley. Riley got free. Michael kicked Kaval and then got kicked by Riley. Backbreaker by Michael. Kaval made the save. Kaval with a vicious kick. Riley blasted Kaval’s ribs. Kaval ran Riley into the corner and Chopped him. Riley wanted an Irish Whip but Michael stopped it. Kaval attacked Michael with a hard chop. Kaval wanted a Suplex but Micahel pulled Kaval up and over the ropes. Riley knocked Michael off the apron. NXT took a break.

Riley had Michael in a Rear Chin Lock. Kaval was stunned but still kicked Riley in the thigh. Riley with a Big Boot to Kaval. Michael Cole, of course, oozed over Miz. Riley went for a Splash on the ropes but Michael moved and Riley crashed and burned. Michael with a Clothesline and Running Back Elbow. Michael with a Corner Splash into a Belly to Belly Suplex. Kaval made the save. Kaval with a chop and Springboard Spin Kick on Michael. Riley got caught on the top rope by Kaval. Riley fought as Kaval slipped Riley pushed Kaval off the ropes. Kaval with a Muta Backspring into a Jumping Enziguri. The fans said it all with a “This is Awesome” chant.

Michael nailed Kaval int he back of the head. Kaval slapped on the Bite of the Dragon (Dragon Sleeper/Body Vise). Michael made it to the ropes to force the break. Kaval missed a Handspring Splash in the corner. McGillicutty finally rolled out his daddy’s old finisher, the Perfectplex. Riley made the save. Michaael kicked RIley into the announce table. Miz cheerled his charge. Kaval caught Michael iwth a Rolling Liger Kick as Michael wanted the McGilliCutter. Kaval went up top for the Warrior’s Way but Riley pushed him off the top rope. Riley covered the knocked-out Michael to steal the win.

Your Winner: Alex Riley
Grade: A- (93%)

Another Pro was announced. It was Alicia Fox. She was surprised at her Rookie… Maxine. She is supposedly a little rich girl who wants it all.

The NeXT Pro was announced. It was the Bizarre One, Goldust. His Rookie was the blonde bombshell, Aksana. She reminds me a great deal of a very young Trish Stratus.

Matt Striker talked to the quintet of eliminatees. Titus felt that the winner of NXT should be Alex Riley. Eli felt the winner should be Alex Riley. Lucky Cannon thought that no one was worthy of winning. Lucky has some rejections issues. Percy Watson felt Michael McGillicutty deserved to win. Husky Harris said McGillicutty should win because he was “born better”. No one suggested Kaval.

The first poll was announce. Coming in third was…Alex Riley. Cole and Miz weren’t happy that Riley didn’t make it. Riley grumbled about Striker’s talking, all season. Riley talked about his education. Riley said, in 13 weeks, he made a name for himself. And Mr. Riley, some of us knew of you before this show. Riley said he would still be the future of the WWE.

In the ring, Michael McGillicutty and Kaval shook hands.

Time to introduce the next Pros. The Bella Twins. There Rookie was former ring announcer, Jamie Keyes. Man, NXT is just raiding the daylights out of FCW’s female talent roster.

NXT looked at the WWE tour of China. It was the same video package that ran on Raw.

Primo was the next new Pro to be introduced. His Rookie was A.J. Lee. A.J. called herself a “nerd”. I’m sorry, I was friends with the Nerd Group in high school and there was no one that looked like her.

Striker had the two rookies tell each other why they should win. McGillicutty made fun of Kaval’s size and outfit. Michael also mentioned it took Kaval 13 years to reach this point. Michael said Kaval’s name meant “flute”. Michael continued to rant until the buzzer sounded off. Kaval took the stick and mentioned Michael’s background. Kaval said he didn’t have a Legacy to depend upon. He was just a hard-working kid from New York. Kaval said he earned the respect of others, including Eddie Guerrero. Kaval said he would be the next NXT star.

Vickie Guerrero was the next Pro. Yeah, a full season of Vickie. Vickie’s Rookie was Aloisia. She’s an Amazon. She’s freakin’ 6’9″ tall and seriously built. They called her “She-normous”.

Matt Striker said it was now time to announce the winner…Kaval! Yes!

Lay-Cool rushed down to congratulate their Rookie. Michael wasn’t happy about the loss. Layla smooched all over Kaval’s face. Strker asked for comments from Michael McGillicutty. He took the stick and pondered for a moment. He turned and stared at Kaval. Michael just couldn’t believe they chose “Him”. Michael said Kaval’s PPV match would suck. Michael said his goal was to become the World Champion. Michael said he would not be stopped. He would, someday, win the World title. He said it was the Genesis of McGillicutty.

Striker then turned to talk to Kaval. He was thankful to the fans. The eliminated Rookies attacked Kaval. Several Pros hit the ring to help Kaval. Husky hit a Uranage Slam. McGillicutty and Riley hit hte ring to help the other Rookies. Riley hit Michinoku Driver on Percy Watson. McGillicutty got in Kaval’s face. Husky stomped Kaval, as did Lucky Cannon. Lucky with a modified Stunner. Husky with the Backsplash Senton on Kaval. Riley with an F-5 on Kaval. Titus with a Sit-out Powerbomb.

Michael Cole sent it to the final highlight reel of Season Two.

So, Season Three starts next week. Again the Rookies and Pros will be:

Alicia Fox (Pro) — Maxine (Rookie)

Bella Twins (Pros) — Jamie Keyes (Rookie)

Goldust (Pro) — Aksana (Rookie)

Kelly Kelly (Pro) — Naomi Night (Rookie)

Primo (Pro) — A.J. Lee (Rookie)

Vickie Guerrero (Pro) — Aloisia (6’9″ Rookie)

I’ll be back with you, next week, to start covering the All-Diva NXT. Ok, I just want to see the “Big Chick”. (smile).


–Jay Shannon

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  1. By Matt G., posted

    I’m not sure how an all female version of NXT will work. I think it should be half the amount of weeks, but I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen. To make things worse, they have Vicki “EXCUSE ME!” Guerrero as a pro. Great, now we’re forced to see and listen to her even more….thanks WWE (eyes rolling). At least they didn’t make the other highly annoying chick a pro, Jillian (how she still has a job is beyond me). On a good note, we finally get to see more of the very sexy ring announce chick, Jamie Keyes. Her being paired with the Bella’s makes me go all crazy among other things. I’m gonna be on hotty overload everytime those 3 are on screen. Why are Maryse, Natalya, Phoenix, or even Gail Kim not pros. Much rather see them than Vicki, Goldust, and Primo. Can’t wait to see Aloisia, think she’ll dominate? (rhetorical ?) I dig some of the other chicks too, but they don’t stand a chance against an amazon. Let’s see if this amazon can talk though. It’s not all about domination in the ring afterall.

  2. By Terrell K., posted

    Two questions about the attack on Kaval. 1. Why did the pros who come to save him leave him in the ring and just stand outside & watch? Wouldn’t it had been better if they would not have come down at all? 2. Why did Alex Riley attack Percy Watson? I wasn’t sure if he was there to attack Kaval or protect him until he then attacked Kaval. Pointless thing to me….eh

  3. By Rebecca, posted

    what happened to Aloisia?

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