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Jim Cornette’s seemingly endless, diabolical ploy to plague Vince Russo’s dreams seems to know no bounds. Earlier in the year, TNA involved local authorities in warning Cornette that he had crossed a line. After some silence, it seems the jabber-jawed Ring of Honor GM has thought of a resolution to this (rather one-sided) war, once and for all.

Cornette has challenged Vince Russo to a fight at the third annual Ring Roasts, which is being held this October 15 at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, NJ. In a promo released today on the Ring Roasts website (www.ringroasts.com), Cornette offers to donate his end of any purse money to the WHAS Crusade for Children in Louisville, an organization that helps disadvantaged children.

Cornette and Russo worked side-by-side on WWE and TNA’s creative team. Cornette had developed a distaste for Russo, his booking style, and generally anything north of Delaware.

Ring Roasts is an annual comedic tribute co-promoted by Kayfabe Commentaries and Legends of the Ring. Tickets and more information about the roast is available at www.ringroasts.com.

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  1. By Darius, posted

    I don’t know. As fat as Cornette is, he might the crap kicked out of him.. By the way, I am not a Russo fan, or a Cornette fan. Just my opinion.

  2. By James, posted

    Vince Russo isn’t fit to be in the same ring as Jim Cornette.

  3. By Dennis, posted

    I think that without a doubt Corney could kick the crap out of Russo and I bet if it starts out a work, it rapidly turns into a shoot! Corney is like an elephant, in that he doesn’t forget ANYTHING! Having worked with Russo in WWF, I’ll buy a ticket ront row ticket to that match! Vinnie, watch out for foreign objects! Corney know ALL the tricks, brother.

  4. By Stephen Faust, posted

    I don’t see this match happening.

  5. By Bob Torregrossa, posted

    … I hope Cornette kicks Russo’s phony ass … Russo is a disgrace to pro wrestling …

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