Posted August 31st, 2010 by Bob Ryder

RAW drew a 3.5 rating based on data compiled by Nielsen Media Research.

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  1. By Pathetic, posted

    A 900th episode special brings a whopping .2 rise in ratings. It does not look good for RAW continuing its two hour slot. Vince better right this ship and right it soon. People who invest money into RAW are not happy.

  2. By Mike, posted

    I thought Raw sucked to be honest. I was expecting something big that never came. I thought they would pull out all the stops for such an important show, but again there was only dissapointment. TNA has been wasting WWE lately with their wrestling, storylines, and promos. I think the PG rating that WWE has instituted has hurt them as well. Raw is supposed to be an adult show, hence it being on at 9:00PM. I’m hoping that when Linda McMahon is done with her political campaign that Raw will go back to making a show that we will want to watch. Bringing back guys like Brett Hart is great, but it will only spike the ratings for a short time. There is no substitute for writing a good show. Thanks for reading this, Mike

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