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Memories of my “Other Mother”, Luna Vachon

By Vale Anoa’i
Daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Afa “The Wild Samoan” Anoa’i

I had originally written this article about Luna Vachon for my “Growing Up Wrestling” series last year, and now it’s with a very sad, heavy heart that I re-post it. I’ve been reminiscing non-stop since I heard the terrible news of her death, she has been my “Other Mother” and very dear friend for my entire life. She was always so supportive and encouraging of my artistic creativity, and loved to indulge me with piles of fantastic, outlandish clothing whenever she’d come visit. She always used to call me the daughter she never had, her love was so absolutely genuine, and I very much enjoyed reminiscing with her whenever I’d talk to her. It really is unendurably sad to know I’ll never get one of her rib-cracking, enthusiastic hugs ever again, never hear her growling, sweet voice on the phone, never see that huge smile of hers.

Here is the Growing Up Wrestling article I wrote about her.

The attached photo is of me with Luna at a convention in New York.)

As I was trying to decide who to write this week’s column about, one face kept swimming around in my head more than any of the others. She is quite a colorful and outlandish character, and I absolutely adore her. She’s my “other mother”, Luna Vachon.

I’ve known Luna my entire life, she is one of the sweetest people alive. Although, if you were in attendance at a WXW wrestling show in Hazleton, PA several years ago, you wouldn’t think she was all that sweet! I have so many stories about Luna, but I’m going to keep it short and only share two in this column.

At the aforementioned WXW show, it was Luna versus two male cruiserweights. They, out of respect and some fear, were working really lightly and trying not to hurt her. She was getting irritated, and soon rather enraged, because she kept snarling “Come on, HIT me, HIT ME, you..” I’d rather not repeat what she said, for the sake of any young eyes who might be reading this. All I know is one minute she was standing in the middle of the ring, the next minute she had leapt onto the back of one of the cruiserweights and sank her teeth into his back! She wouldn’t let go, and was shaking her head like a terrier killing a rat! When she finally ripped her teeth out of his skin, there was a massive, bloody red bite on the poor guy’s back, and he looked like he wanted to run away as fast as his shaky legs could carry him. Luna obviously won that match, and when she came to the back afterward, she looked so contrite that it was downright adorable. She came up to dad and said “Sorry Pops…I went a little nuts out there.”

Samu was commentating that night, and I nearly laughed myself into a seizure when I heard the commentary from that match. He screams out “OOWWW SHE’S BITING HIM!!!”, greatest piece of commentary I’ve ever heard in WXW history.

The other story shows her caring, loving side.

I think I was 10 or 11 years old, and Luna was in town for one of our shows. She always stayed at our house, and one morning before a show, she took me out shopping for hours. She decided to make me her little fashion guinea pig, and bought me a black vinyl jacket, black lipstick, and other such accessories. She forever considered me her “daughter”, and loved to lavish me with the coolest and most unique presents. (She gave me a poison ring once; an old ring with a big jewel on the top that had a hinged and hidden compartment. Women used to slip poison in the ring and when a man was distracted, she’d flip the little jewel open and the poison would end up in his drink. Genius little invention!) Anyway, before going home, she dressed me up, then when we got home, dad took one look at me and hit the ceiling, infuriated. Poor Luna took the heat for it (It was her fault, after all, though I was thoroughly enjoying the way I looked), and after I reluctantly had to wash off her fabulous makeup job that she did on me, we left for the show.

A few years ago, I saw her for the first time in years at a convention in New York. She almost shattered my ribs with a gigantic hug, it was so wonderful to be back with my other mother!


Vale Anoai
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  1. By Stephen Faust, posted

    My prayers go out to you and your family. I met luna twice and as you said,she is a true sweetheart. May luna rest in heaven with the lord.

  2. By Richard Urbanowski, posted

    I Am Deeply Sad To Hear Of The Passing Of Luna Vachon. I Saw Her At A Wrestling Show In Philly One Time. It Was With T.W.A. She Was And Always Will Be A True Legend. She Will Never Be Forgotten. Rest In Peace Luna.

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