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Cauliflower Alley Club, 2009. Luna Vachon with Wendi Weaver (the daughter of the late Penny Banner and the late Johnny Weaver.)

By Mick Karch

Luna Vachon was an incredible talent. There was absolutely nobody like her in the wrestling business.

Her passing is a very sad day for her family, friends, and of course, for wrestling fans. It is heart wrenching to see what the Vachon family has gone through, what with the death of Vivian so many years ago, Mad Dog’s tragic accident, etc.

Through it all, they remain one of professional wrestling’s greatest families and their legacy is firmly embedded in the sport’s history.

I had the pleasure of working with Luna when she did a brief stint in the American Wrestling Federation back in the 90′s. Oddly enough, she was totally out of her usual character in that promotion, playing a 1950′s “bobby-soxer” type, as the “girlfriend” of the Honkytonk Man. She was cordial and friendly, as she was over a decade later when I met up with her again at Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas. She was gracious enough to pose for a photo with me and we had quite a laugh reminiscing about those “glorious” days in the AWF.

May God bless her and give her a peaceful journey. She has earned it.

Mick Karch

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