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It was time for the Penultimate Edition of Season Two of NXT. There are only three men left: Michael McGillicutty, Kaval and Alex Riley. All three wanted to make a major impact, before it was too late.


NXT started off by showing the dismissals of “Showtime” Percy Watson and Husky Harris. Precy was cool with it but Harris and Cody Rhodes had a fit. Cody and Husky attacked the other three remaining Rookies. It led to one heck of a fight.

Roll the opening montage.

Jamie Keyes introduced the WWE Pros. She then brought out Kaval, Alex Riley and then Michael McGillicutty. Matt Striker congratulated the three finalists. He asked each man how they felt to be in the finals. Michaels said he loved his job, as it was the best job in the world. Michael threw respect to his Pro, Kofi Kingston. Michael brought up his dad and almost broke down. Riley tried to grab the mic from Striker, only to have Matt stand his ground. Riley got all cocky about being the “Total Package”. (Lex Luger, he ain’t). Riley talked about how great he was. Riley threw a challenge at Sheamus. Riley said if he wins NXT, he would go after Sheamus’ WWE title. Kaval thanked the fans for their support. Kaval said that Cody Rhodes ruined the celebration, last week, because he wasn’t good enough to get his Rookie into the finals. Kaval said Cody only had a job because of “your father”. Cody made fun of Kaval’s size. Kaval said he had earned his way into the company. Kaval called Cody out for a match. Cody called Kaval “the gum I scrape off the bottom of my shoes”. Cody refused to fight. MVP stepped in and got in Cody’s face. MVP said since Cody didn’t want to “lower” himself to face Kaval, why not face him? Cody accepted that match. Up next, the WWE Trivia Challenge.

NXT was back with a bunch of trivia questions. The crowd was bored before it started. Alex Riley didn’t do very well in round one, he got no points. He didn’t do any better in round two. THe questions were pretty tough in the second round. They even brought up obscure questions like “What mode of transportation did the Dynamic Dudes use to get to the ring?” Answer: Skateboards. Riley did happen to get one question right…the last one. Kaval won a huge feature on WWE.com, starting on Wednesday.

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews were back and talking about Sheamus’ being given the option to choose his next opponent. He chose Zack Ryder and destroyed him in seconds. The Mystery G.M. then made a Six-Pack Challenge, pitting Sheamus against Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge and John Cena. Wade got a Nexus-like beatdown from the five other WWE stars. After that, the five remaining men attacked each other.

NXT looked at the Chinese tour of the WWE and then sent it to the arena, where Cody Rhodes arrived to do battle. He has, in my opinion, the most annoying entrance theme in the current group of themes. MVP then came out to a great pop.

Cody Rhodes v MVP

The wo locked up and Cody took a Side Headlock off the Arm Bar. Cody slipped into a Hammerlock and pounded MVP in the back of the head. MVP spun around and blasted Cody in the face. Cody bailed out to the floor and whined and whimpered about being struck in the face. Cody got back in and they went to the Collar and Elbow. They moved tothe corner and the ref forced the break. MVP with a Side Headlock but Cody punched MCP’s ribs. Drop Toe Hold by Cody. MVP cocked his fist and Codyscooted to the corner. MVP with Clotheslines and a Back Body Drop for a two count. Snap Mare into an Arm Bar bu MVP. Snap Suplex by MVP. MVP went back to the Arm Bar. COdy tried to Hip Toss MVP but MVP rolled through. MVP with a La Bandera Clothesline to send Cody to the outside. MVP with a Plancha over the top rope onto Cody. MVP ran COdy into the ring post. MVP slammed COdy’s arm onto the apron. NXT went to break.

Cody with a Power Whip. He then pounded MVP in the corner. MVP started fighting back. MVP Floated Over the reversed Irish Whip and floored Cody with a Clothesline. MVP pounded on Cody’s arm until the second generation star hit a Jawbreaker. Cody stomped MVP’s arm. Cody with a Front Drop Suplex. Cody punched MVP in the side of the head. Michael Cole started dissing on internet sites. (Bite me, Cole) Scoop Slam by Cody but he missed the Flair Kneedrop. MVP jumped over Cody and hit a Fore-arm Smash. Cody bailed out to the floor. Cody tripped MVP and pulled MVP to the outside. Cody ran MVP into the barrier then threw him back in the ring.

Cody witha Seated Side Headlock. Cody slid around into a Rear Chin Lock. Cody broke the hold and stomped MVP in the head. Running Kneelift by Cody. Cody slapped on a Front Face Lock. MVP lifted Cody and ran him to the corner. Cody booted MVP in the face and went for a cover. MVP grabbed the ropes. Cody with a Back Elbow and Step-Up Enziguri, off the ropes. Cody went for a Crossface as NXT took another break.

Cody with a Dropkick to rock MVP. MVP kicked out at two. COdy starting punching away at MVP’s face. Cody stomped MVP and Head Scissored MVP. Cole and Josh started grumbling about their interview stles. MVP, meanwhile, hit an Electric Chair Drop. Cody ran MVP to the corner and stomped away. Cody sat MVP on the top rope but MVP pushed off. Cody with a Flying Fore-arm. Cody with a Superplex. Cody with a modified Bow and Arrow. MVP with a Back Elbow. Cody missed a Corner Splash and MVP hit a Flying Clothesline. MVP punched away and took down Cody. Bell Ringer into Ballin’! Cody reversed the Play of the Day intot he Alabama Slam but took his time going for the pin. MVP kicked out. Cody with CrossRhodes to take the win.

Your Winner: Cody Rhodes
Grade: B+ (88%)

So…it’s the next to the last episode of NXT, Season Two. The last chance to see the three remaining Rookies do their best to impress us and we get two mid-carders who take up 3/4 of the show? And WWE doesn’t understand why NXT’s ratings were low? Really? Don’t get me wrong, Cody v MVP was a decent match. They did several good moves and it was a back and forth match. However, Cody should have faced Kaval, while Riley and McGillicutty should have either faced each other or another Pro. I can’t imagine that they will waste half of next week’s show with introductions to the Season Three Rookies, since I’m pretty sure that NXT is a done deal. Of course, I thought that at the end of Season One.


–Jay Shannon

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  1. By jose, posted

    I totally agree. I’m a fan of Low-Ki/ Kaval and aside from the first two episodes I haven’t bothered with this show. I want to see these guys compete and wrestle. I don’t want dumb immunity contests or non-NXT wrestlers wrestling or even worst, the half hour infomercial they would run as content during the middle of ECW.
    One thing they should do for the final show is take a page from the NBA all-star game and have some sort of Rookies vs. Sophomores matches.

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