Posted August 22nd, 2010 by Bob Ryder

After losing to a part time MMA fighter who hasn’t had a fight since April 2009, what does the future hold for Bobby Lashley?

Early in the fight, the announcers talked about what would lure a professional wrestler into MMA.  They pointed out that there was a lot more money to be made in WWE, but also pointed out the schedule (1 or 2 fights a year) was much better in MMA.  After last night, the WWE and TNA schedule probably doesn’t look so bad.

Chad Griggs, a fireman and paramedic, exposed Lashley like no other MMA fighter had been able to do.  Lashley was able to take down Griggs multiple times during the two rounds, but didn’t seem to know what to do once he had him down.  Griggs was able to pick his spots and opened up Lashley with a couple of well aimed blows.  By the time Lashley had the full mount in round two, he was too blown up to use the advantage to finish the fight.  No submission attempts from Lashley, just the take downs that seemed to take more out of Lashley than they did Griggs.

Lashley left the building on a stretcher and was taken to a local hospital to be treated for dehydration and to have the cut under his eye stitched.  Not a career ending defeat, but for a guy who was in the main event of Wrestlemania not long ago, it’s a loss that probably has him second guessing his career choices.

So what now?

Does Lashley stick with MMA and concentrate on learning the submission skills needed to be a success?  Does he try to position himself for an MMA fight against Batista?  Does he try to find a spot in WWE or TNA?  Wrestling in Japan might also be an option.

If you watched the fight last night, let us know what you thought and let us know what you think the future holds for Bobby Lashley.

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  1. By Jordan, posted

    Wow why does no one bother reporting the numerous illegal blows Griggs pounded lashley with. Two seperate times he landed close to 10 blows to the back of the head with not one warning from the ref. There is a reason those shots are illegal. Yes we all saw a rookie mma fighter tonight with limited experience who didn’t have the ability to finish Griggs but he probably could have easily laid there for another 5 minutes. This should be a dq or at the very least a nc. Why does renzo Gracie get a nc with 3 blows to the back of the head when lashley get 20 to the back of the head and gets a BS loss. Hopefully this is a wake up call to lashley and referees!

  2. By Cliff May, posted

    Good point Jordan. And it’s just one loss.

  3. By Rob, posted

    I saw the fight….and it SUCKED, herb dean would have dq’ed the guy in the first round, i think ppl in the MMA game are kinda scare that another Brock Lesnar is built up.
    which is stupid, since that will only be beneficial to MMA. anyways…strikeforce looked VERY minor leagues in houston.

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